Last Round of Presentations & Projects @ Friday, October 31, 2014

Monday 13th October

Last week of school. 


A classic though one I have yet to hear live. 

Lately we've been working on projects which have consumed my life. But tonight we did get to go to see/hear the MSO at The Astor Theatre for their 2015 launch. Actual exceeded perceived experience/satifaction as  thought they weren't playing live, and it just going to be like youtube but bigger. 

Last picture isn't mine. 

 I hate pigs so that didn't go so well with a movie about a pig on screen. But it ended with Space Odyssey, and Blue Danube. Remind me again why I can't hire them for our wedding? That last piece is perfect for dancing to - ballroom. :P This event was promoting the four 'Cult Classics' series - which we have tickets to (I won them).

After the preview we went for a walk and Adrian convinced me to try something new. A souvlaki/kebab place I recall jas recommending. It was bland and quantity over quality and I didn't like it. Options are limited late at night in the city. This may be a great example of why jas doesn't recommend things, fear of not having good results.


Today we made it just in time for class, even though I missed the bus we caught the tram instead and caught up with mr events, and discussions on the fear of missing out on events. I may have invaded on his lunch break there...

The first of three last projects was handed in. Double space kills trees! The second I missed half the presentation - not because I wasn't there but because I was too slow and the slides were ahead of me. We met presentation partner a grand total of two times - when we received the project and when delivering it. 

Snacking my way through life we made an attempt for healthy choices in terms of a mini carton of milk (juice box sized) and custard (which I love with fruit salad or fruit jelly/o). Unfortunately we purchase - but not consumed - m&ms as I forgot we already had a pack or two, and grain waves which I love. 

One last presentation tomorrow, and I can't say I learnt much or achieved my goals or increase my creativity and explored the unfamiliar. I'd love to have do something like this


Today we were on time to class! And the presentation went well, Miss Photo liked the mango section which is good. I kinda like the patterns more, my favourite is the kiwi/strawberry.

Some (ok all but one IMO) of the other presentations were amazing... there was a guy who did grey pictures taken in the area, but it was so much deeper than that. A girl took pictures of zoomed in faces - it was stunning... the emotions, details and all.  

Things I suppose I'm afraid of trying. I tried once long ago with Austin, the result was a picture that looks like it was taken at a nightclub - a classy one. But the overhead lighting wasn't great. I do find people a bit scary. 

Another girl did some product shots, in particular empty perfume bottles on a background she painted and sprinkled glitter on. I love glitter... but glitter is the herpes of craft supplies, and I don't like it in the lens. 

Other than the pictures I found the fact that she used them all, the perfumes, amazing, for I have never finished a bottle. She has a different one for each occasion, so that would be a great memory link, also each bottle was a gift. That is also amazing, because I'm crazy picky and have to select my own. 

Cannoli on the way to the station! In celebration of wk12, even though we have no idea what to do after honours and then masters. That and we haven't applied for honours yet... 

We're taking a day and a half off from work to chill, between finishing projects and starting exam prep. So to chill we walked up a lane made of cobblestones, which was difficult... I love modern paved roads! It was worth it though, as we scored x2 tickets to a concert next year. 

The city is full of Jehovah's Witnesses this weekend, as a result of the international convention, which unfortunately I couldn't be a part of due to Armageddon which I prefer. :P But then the other event is huge... They walk around with name tags like Mormons but aren't here to recruit. I asked, and the girls said it was so they could identify each other (as there's 1000s of them) in the same way when cosplayers meet they pretty much immediately connect, it's pretty cool.

After the picture we went to Ishka to great some things for my Halloween swamp partner, unfortunately I had already had a snack today so we didn't stop by Helados. 

Back to the city for a very late lunch and part of dinner. I love sushi! 

Found a beautiful green sequin dress. To buy or not to buy?

Thursdays are for openings, launches and preview nights. Lily went to the NGV opening night while I went shopping instead. There was cupcakes. :) Though it was summer in there! I like it warm, not hot.

Hence we had green tea soft serves from Rice Workshop. :) 

The Weekend

We spent this weekend at Armageddon. This was my favourite cosplay!

Many Elsa's were seen but no Anna's. I didn't cosplay, as I was working there.

Saturday Night Dinner with Le Beau

Good Food, Bad Location

Sunday's After Work Event! with Hero Subs x Sneaker Freaker!

- More Details Coming Up -

Halloween @ Savers in Brunswick @ Wednesday, October 29, 2014

 I love that quote on the right, though it makes le beau sad somehow. 

The other week we went to Brunswick for props and came back with mainly books. :P

We may eat here just because of the name, but it is far to travel for brunch. 

There were some nice vintage dresses at Scavengers, but I question what is the different between vintage and op shop and stuff we donated when grandma died? Is it just a fancy word to increases prices and value of a piece? If there wasn't demand for it would it be reduced to op shop stuff?

Through a fb group we heard Savers had costumes! Over the years we've heard a lot about them, mainly that they're cheap and a warehouse sized op shop. As I can't handle old things and germs (other than in search of The Holy Grail Vintage Polly Pocket) we have never been here before.

Unlike other op shops they support a health related organization. 

It is literally a warehouse inside, one much more organized than 'Save it Online Offline'.

 If you're into Frankie Magazine this is the perfect place to get them $2 each.

 If only I had room for these knick-knacks as le beau calls them. 
But I do! This now lives in the fish tank wall. 

 Oh that's an interested garden gnome.

text I have always wanted a candelabra but they're not safe. I do actually have one that holds about five candle sticks. And I think we used it once for a Halloween party which failed because no one wanted to come in costume. To think of it I have never successfully thrown a party...  

 There's a Halloween section!

Wings all under $10. If only I had the room... We'll be back next year!

text Bustle skirt as seen on ebay, I do have one but nothing goes with it. Lots of tutus and petticoats none of quality sadly. And those plain black wings are huge! A great base to glitterize and add rhinestones.  

Lots of dresses for little girls.

Many for women too, generic cheap ones, same as the ones on the internet. 

Love this! I bought one to go with my big black wig.

That lace bunny ear headband is very popular in fashion and on the runway. On the right is a flat hat perfect as a base for a Elizabeth Swan (PoTC) head, though with my ginormous head it was too small for me. 

This was my regret, not buying this table runner that looks like something out of Game of Thrones, or a Christmasy outfit. Ghost of Christmas Present? But I don't sew, well haven't since we lived in San Fran.

Have you been to Savers?

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