Armageddon in Melbourne - Part 2 @ Friday, November 07, 2014

We spent the weekend at Armaggedon. Might/mightn't go again next year as I'm finding myself not that interested. Only there was the independent vendors (think etsy but w/o shipping costs) and cosplays. Actors, not so much as this year only knew one of them - Sydney Glass aka Magic Mirror aka The Genie, from Once Upon a Time. He was nice, and he's back this season from being in the psych ward this whole time for failed the Queen. Still crazy about her even though she used him and did tell him that. 

We went to some animation panels which was interesting. Greg Cipes (Ninja Turtles/Teen Titans) got everyone to sit on the floor in a circle and lead a mini offbeat meditation session, he also played the guitar and sung.

Another panel we saw was with Roger (Mojo Jojo - Powerpuff Girls) who did the Attenborough intro which I always find amusing. We also got a good quote about how if actors had superpowers voice actors would be invisibility, as no one really recognizes the way they look.

At Melbourne Central there's a stall that sells these voodoo dolls and I've always wanted one. Today was that day I bought one! Can you name all the minions?

It's great to see lots of Korra cosplays though we didn't see the best Korra from Comic-Con the first year. First three pictures aren't mine. I love Suki on the left. Would have liked to see Marco & Bolin. Wolf girl from a Studio Ghibi film I think.

Corpse Bride with an amazing dress! Also love that 'Day of the Dead' themed top. I'd love to wear that but I don't have the nerve or the assets to. :P

We love big dresses and Tudor era dresses (that one is WIP).

Fried chicken is always a good idea, this one's one of those stalls you only ever see at events, I've even seen it in Geelong! And it has always been popular. 

$6 for a small cup. It's like KFC but less soggy and much nicer!

Food variety wasn't good, there's everything deep fried and $8.50 ice cream with less toppings than advertized. We had the raspberry one which tastes watery with no cream, like they used water instead of milk. Which isn't true. So we'll give another try. 

I love these rings! Go early if you want to check out the stalls. 

Recently got into perler beads though I kinda melted my two boards...

I love these prints. We do need walls to hang stuff art on.

I love these lace gothic necklaces, but don't have the long neck for it.

Other things we like. Potions and energy drinks. 

 The always popular time turner.

More voodoo dolls. We bought quite a few as gifts. They were around $5 each.

I love commissions! 

Thing in/that are bags. 

Things to Keep

I love that picture of me! Big hats, dress-ups (the wig), fancy dresses and a camera totally represents me. All we're missing is food! Also just so you know I never do that silly peace hand thing, and avoid pictures of me as much as possible.

Also that *j is a ring but I dropped it and it fell off, nothing I can't easily fix.

Did you go to Armageddon?

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