Conversations Over Coffee & Croissants @ Saturday, February 21, 2015

Monday 9th February

Today was spent in therapy, at the hospital and dancing. Discussions on friendly vs friends. And we're going to aim lower and make acquaintances aka fb friends and go from there. Also if someone's nice but really isn't interested in being friends, best not to ask why, they're sure doing their best not to tell you. Has it always been this hard to make friends? Or is it just me?


Today le beau sent me to a workshop on romance. But on the way someone got hit by a train and then a tree decided to jump onto the track too, good thing they still had buses left over from the first incident. Via very crowded buses we finally got there.

Class was meh, nothing I didn't know, most date suggestions were expensive. Why the hell you suggest clubs/bars where only the hot get in idk! Because le beau always gets in, I don't and I have a "I'm fugly" moment and have a breakdown. Lots of screaming and crying, and I'm on the floor. These uncontrollable outbursts only happen in public.

We went through how to write a love note, with the structure like an essay! I'll pass. Also the 6 love languages weren't mentioned. It's all about thoughtful things and lots of touching and sex... not impressed.

Wedding Inspiration!


Yesterday (this was drafted on Thu) we worked at an info day, attended a group lunch (instead of the usual I sit alone during lunch thing), had cake. Battery died. Back up battery at home NOOOO!!!!!!!! as we weren't going straight home we had to use the phone... for the rest of the night.

Quick stop to LuxBite for a Tart, and order for later this week. 

Platform 13 is in the directly diagonal corner to plt1 entry, it was far... and worse when hot out there. Today we were lucky to be indoors for work.

Today's event was a VIP Lord of the Fries Event, which I wasn't invited to and hence no obligation to post about :P instead Emma had tickets and invited me!

How do you like your fries/chips? 

LOTF does vegetarian food and fries - and fries there were plenty of, we tried 4-5 types including some potato chips as in packet style ones, but still made deep fried and fresh. Three sauces, 3 sliders and a hot dog. I ate fake corned beef, which is what I thought it was, nope it was actually fake bacon. Also ate a fake frankfruit after much hesitation, it looks so real! While I'm starting to try more tofu I'm not that into it. 

To take home we received a lot of free chips with sauce purchase ($1.25) and a free meal, which was cool. LOTF is where I go for the sauce, there was one around the corner from the apartment but they've moved to Southern Cross (DFO End).

If you're a carnivore moving towards herbivore but still love your meat then LOTF would be interesting. Emma & I still love our meat though, especially chicken, white meat only. ;)

What we ate: 5x types of chips, 3x burgers, 1x hotdog.


Training started 10am, we kinda got there 11am... but the important thing is we made it! Spent lunch napping, sorry I've used up my social skills for the week already. Liquid lunch as we're on our way to the dentist. 

Had a chia pudding, was bland and $$. 

GWP was like cereal, advertised with sprinkles and a strawberry. 
In recall it had no deco. I regret buying that.

After the dentist we picked-up a package from T(arts) by LuxBite. 
A rectangle and two circles. Better pictures coming soon.

Not my picture of hand writing.

I love looking at hand lettering though have never tried it, while I would like to, for those rare couple who actually have met me I can barely write... but we're hoping one day I can write again. I also type funny, jabbing at each letter as my wrist doesn't allow me to type/write/function like a normal person. Due to work place injury 2yrs ago, which has triggers for pain but also randomly hurts.

Update - I've opened a pretty book, unlined paper bidden spine just for hand lettering. 


Coffee & Croissants

A Nearby Church

After morning tea we explored the shops, found a bdsm bear in a shop front, le beau will be calling to complain about that tomorrow. At the same time as we were there a bus with the promo posted 50SoG zoomed past, and the restaurant next door just happened to have a lot of candle with wax dripping down the bottle that was used as holders. 50SoG is everywhere!

We're against it, though lots of women from what we've read love it... Personally we believe it should be playing the porn theatre, and should not be so open about things like that in public. What goes on in your bedroom should stay there.

The Restaurant Next Door

That is one huge board! A lovely setting, and not so lovely name...

I've seen Emma with a dress exactly like this one!
A set of bridesmaids dresses?

Places to check out next time, Art China is eBay Offline but still cheap. 
Not as cheap as ebay though, but they have lots of jewelry and asian-looking things.

Hello beautiful $250+ dresses.

They do custom corsets too! As well as pin-up dresses.

Spotted this.

Lunch was at the Green Refectory.

Next time we visit Brunswick I'd like to go to Mister Truong's and Josephine which we didn't get to this time due to food overload, and two T(arts) from LuxBite in the fridge at home.

How was your week?

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