Ancient China Inspiration @ Sunday, March 22, 2015

The other week we saw a ballet set in Ancient China, and I love their flowing dresses, though not as much as English Dresses & History. Not a fan of China, except for these dresses... Long hair was in, very long hair. These dresses suggest it's forever spring.

The colours no, style yes.

The dress on the left looks a lot like one I saw on Gaia Online. Dress on the right is $$$ and modernized with those huge polka dots, plain & ugly, but I like the style. Though I like the top pictures the most. 

Headboards! But how do they stay up?

I think different levels like lords, duke and so forth could wear different fabrics and no one was to dress above their station. And only the queen could wear purple, and the china king (empora) was the only one who could wear yellow/gold. I did a semester of Ancient China, though we never went through fashion and lifestyles, mainly stuck to the main timeline. 

I do like E5, the rest are a bit strange, up is definitely a trend.

These are some hairstyles and headpieces I've seen before, when I was little the nanny loved these asian dramas. While I'd love to watch them, we need subtitles and that makes it very challenging to find much.

Blogger Unknown said... on March 22, 2015 10:46 PM  

The dresses reminds me of something you'd see in a fairytale :) And wow, how interesting to see all of the different hairstyles! Very cool post.

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