Curious Charlie is on Facebook! @ Sunday, May 31, 2015

After four years we've finally decided get on facebook! Prompted by a marketing project that requires us to show as marketers we know how to use at least two different social media platforms. To post actually content or things relevant, though we can still share funny things. :P

How will I be using facebook differently to the blog or instagram?
  • Reposts of freebies/deals
  • Sharing when I update the blog - with the direct link
  • Discussions & Polls (later on)
  • Giveaways, tickets to events (Melbourne Exclusive)

Once I'm using facebook a bit more we're have a official launch date with a giveaway!

So hope on over to fb and give us a welcome to facebook. :)

Strictly Ballroom the Musical @ Friday, May 29, 2015

Charlie & Co. attended Strictly Ballroom as guests of Nuffnang.

I love musicals, though have never actually seen one professionally done, live. On dvd I've seen: Sweeney Todd, Hairspray, The Music Man, Grease, Mama Mia, Rocky Horror and Chicago. During high school we saw RENT, Sweeney Todd and Joseph and the Technicolor Coat, yes I believe in that order. With so many musicals coming to Melbourne I'm actually not sure why I have never seen one. I suppose it's because my life is a series of self discoveries because growing up in San Francisco we never went out or ate anywhere other than McDonalds. I have no memories of going to the city, to cafes/restaurants or anything - because it's just something we didn't do. It's a blank slate. Also like in movies based in a small country town in the South I was home schooled (up to middle school), mother made my clothes and the first time I went to the movies was in 2000. So on my own I'm discovering many new things, and going on many adventures and many firsts.

Tonight was the first time I see a professional musical - live. Well a large scale one, I just realized that I've seen 'Loving Repeating' which was done by a professional group too. While it doesn't happen often I love walking past the theatres, with their red curtains and 100s of bright lights, just like on Broadway. Thanks to Nuffnang tonight we got to see 'Strictly Ballroom the Musical', a rare Australian Musical.

I saw the movie a few years ago, once, when it was on tv playing in the background so recognized the ads on the sides of the stage. The characters when not dancing do actually have jobs, as hairdressers, plumbers (I think), cosmetic consultants and spa shop owners, and there were ads for their businesses.

Every musical has that one song that the audience remembers, and during this one - I think there was a disco ball. I actually don't remember, or maybe it was at the end? I only saw the first half as I had a second show to get to that night. Sadly tickets I couldn't exchange for another night, as they wanted the media group for opening night. 

Strictly Ballroom The Musical is the inspiring story of a championship ballroom dancer who defies all the rules to follow his heart. This uplifting and courageous tale originated as a stage play that Baz Luhrmann created as a student at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) back in 1984. Interestingly one of my (live performance) teachers is friends with Baz and they worked together in the 80/early 90s.

The sets are stunning and reflect the movie, but also build upon it. Having a set stage and not a space you can just zoom back on and pan around means that there are restraints. In the scene set in Fran's yard by the railway with an open sky I love the colourful lanterns that add something special.

But my favourite scene is 'that one song that the musical's known/remembered for' I like to call it the headliner song, and it's not always the end one, like 'You're the One I Want' in Grease or 'Time of My Life' in Dirty Dancing. In 'The Rocky Horror Show' it's 'Time Warp' and towards the beginning. That's a lot of examples *in exam mode*. For 'Strictly Ballroom' that headliner scene is the one where Scott & Fran dance on the rooftop of the studio, with the sequin Coke sign in the background. I checked the movie, and that sign also sparkles - I've never seen a sign like that in real life before, one with sequins. The exception is outside strip clubs.

It's funny how the guy in green looks like he's wearing a kimono, because there's a second person behind him on the right. In this picture we're checking out Fran's dress - which I didn't see in person, as we didn't see the second half.

I've just noticed those are two different dresses!

Scott & Fran's Family. I thought Les should have been an honorary member, and Scott's sister should have been in it? My favorite character is the mother, for whose life evolves around ballroom much like all the other characters. Tina sparkles (what a pretty name!) And her pineapples were entertaining. 

I'm curious as to who's the girl on the stand, in the green/blue dress who doesn't participate that much? She's not really a dancer. Edit: I found out who the girl in blue is! She's Fran's partner in the movie.

It was a dazzling show of feather, 200,100 crystals, sequins, striper suits and musical numbers. Not all the musical numbers added to the musical though. But I did enjoy the headliner 'Time After Timeand 'A Life Lived in Fear' to the Tune of the Habanera from Bizet’s Carmen 

I love how the head judge is evil and you know it through the lightening and music. Fran's hair is so fake XD. It's amazing how the wig are put on to stay on during dances, mine sure doesn't do that! It's probably braided into the performer's actual hair.

Some Fun Facts

  • 200 costumes in the show, decorated with 745m of coloured ostrich features. 
  • Some of the ballgowns weigh as much as 5kg.
  • There are 84 wigs in the show, valued at $4000 each, redressed and washed every day.
  • About 4000 lights globes, as well as 2km of stringed globes, are used in the theatre.
  • The cast goes through 5 litres of spray tan a week.

Have you seen 'Strictly Ballroom'? What did you think of it?

Sushi Burger @ Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I love sushi! So when I discovered a place that did sushi burgers we had to go there! Not exactly true there, what I do is find places I'd like to eat at, add it to my urbanspoon list and then decide the week/before I'm in the area to eat at a place near my destination.

So many options... 

On this particular summer's day I was having lunch with morman, who I know nothing about in terms of what he eats/doesn't. He suggested the food court, I suggested sushi burgers and bentos. He hesitated and said no, because he didn't know what it was, and ended up with handrolls (that's your typical sushi roll).

Sushi Burger Bentos 

J Cafe aka Sushi Burger does well, sushi in the form of a burger, with rice used as a bun and wrapped in seaweed. It's cheaper to get take-away then eat in e.g. with sushi (handrolls) being $1 more eat in...

Peakhours (lunch/dinner) are super busy, and you'll need to book a table. The bottom right picture is the area downstairs. Lanterns are from eBay. You can pre-order over the phone, which oddly we didn't. There's two different menus, and we only looked at take-away as I was having lunch with morman, on his side of the river. 

The process and beans jas would have bought. 

Dessert was great! We had the Ichigo Daifuku, which is a traditional rice cake with fresh strawberry and sweet white bean paste for a unique sweet flavour. $3.80 It was unlike anything I've ever had and delicious! No wonder it's the most popular daifuku (traditional rice cake). 

We had the Sushi Burger Bento Box with Veggie Gyoza and the Soft Shell Crab Sushi Burger for $13.50. I'm kinda amazed it looks almost exactly like picturedDisappointed to say that the bento was average, nothing amazing or anything I'd recommend

The burger was flat in flavour though there was wasabi. I couldn't eat the crab half way through as it wasn't crispy, and I got scarred! It has eyes and 6/8 legs! Odd as I've had crab in the shape of a crab before at Gazi and didn't get scared. 

Our second visit was for another lunch, during peak hour. It was very busy! Try not to get hit by the door. There isn't much space in there when it's full.

We had the $10 take-away deal, mini cup of udon noodle soup.

The noodle soup was delicious, perfect on a winter's day.
Unlike this lighting, picture was taken in a tunnel on the way to class.

The burger was small. Maybe it's bigger not in a combo?
*I have small hands.*

The Teriyaki Salmon burger was too spicy, though I only had one bite... there was hair in it! I know this rarely happens, but I'm not coming back. 

Pros - You can order via phone, ready for pick up.
Cons - Card min $15, no split bills, eat in costs more. 

Service was good, though note that all your extras like ginger and mayo will cost you.

Have you had a sushi burger?

Sushi Burger (Japanese Cafe Restaurant J) on Urbanspoon

Tuesday 12th May

How I Like to "Take it Slow" as recommended by the doctor. 
In the pool, with a guided mediation soundtrack and coconut water.

What stress looks like: me. I don't think I'm sick but I'm getting there. Everything tastes like blood. "Mouth ulcers are signs of stress and usually mean you are over-working, over-training or overwrought" yes that's me "will usually heal on their own within 10-14 days" yeah no, I need to be better faster than that. Two projects and exams to go! 

I'm either cold or tired most of the time. Though working from home helps with the 'I don't eat till I feel sick' problem because I'm too busy to eat out and about, till I realize I'm starving and feel sick. 

Three events on Friday night, I said no to one. The dr would be proud. But I'm down to two, both of which I will regret not seeing. So I'm going to see both! I'm certain the musical has a half-way intermission, though not sure about the concert. But it sure is a great time to sell drinks. 


Today we recorded roleplays for psych, one of the girls I'm working with is crazy homophobic XD we found out at the end that peeople like that get killed off where she comes from (the middle east or somewhere like that) O.O. Next time tell me why it makes you crazy uncomfortable before I spend half an hour hitting on you. 

She was a fighter which is great for our work, if you give in we solve the problem too fast and don't get to the time we need. The guy was a lover not a fighter and gives in too easily. He also got confused and thought topics a and b were related so we didn't get the perfect shot. :(

Instead of fixing the issue they decided to build a fence to cover up the tree that was dropping leaves onto the neighbour's lawn. Neighbour pays 40%. Wtf? Seriously that's not how you solve a problem. But the task is to listen and not guide them to the answer, or dictate the solution. It's exhausting spending the afternoon acting, good thing tonight we'll be on the other side. 

Sportscraft & Vogue's Exclusive Styling Event

Vouge held a reader event at Sportcraft, with bubbles, yummy canapes and goodie bags! Too busy shopping and on the go to eat, because I sampled their wagyu slider and it was delicious! Bought some lovely purple merino tops. $100 each. Glasson's is $40 but they don't do purple, and I think this one is better quality.

People lining up for autographs for a movie?

Pre-show dinner, a $16 three ingredient salad. *Regret* If we had more time we could have had dumplings instead. The salad was salmon, spinach and mash from Thrive. Don't get the bigger size, the only thing that there's more of is the protein. I wanted more salad/mash. 

Off to the theatre! to see 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' set in 1922, flapper/Gatsby/Jazz Age Era. Millie wants to marry for money, but ends up with the 'poor guy' she chose for love. Surprize he's the head boss and she still gets rich!

Great musical numbers, lots of wigs, and guys who either are gay or styled to have that dapper/a little bit stylish-ly gay look. Jas would have loved it. I do recognize a few of the main characters, younger siblings of people from school. Our school had a great theatre that you could use in your bio. There was also an opportunity to go on tour around asia, europe and the UK.

Post-show dinner! At Father's Office. What Esme Ate.
Going on with the 1920s theme. :P 


We're having a fun week, with two shows tonight that I'll be running in between.

First Show - Strictly Ballroom. This one shall get another post.

After the break we were at the Whitney Houston show. Hawaii said I was missing out big time, but I missed nothing. She is a fan who grew up listening to Houston in the late 80s/early 90s. Me, I only heard of her when she died and when Glee did a cover of her songs. Davis covered both songs I knew in the second half: Somebody to Dance With, and I Will Always Love You. You know someone's amazing when you get the chills! 

Coffee! Yes at 11pm.

Earlier this week we also came across these Minion Tictac Boxes!

Miss Hawaii bought snacks, this happened pre-show, before both.

Dinner at Father's Office again.


Million Paws Walk. Only the balloon picture is mine. Lovely weather for a walk!

Brunch Snack

I do love balloons!

There was a balloon guy! For graduation I want a bouquet of balloon flowers!

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