Saturday 9th May 

Till now we've never been to New Shanghai, as I never really noticed it, in the corner of the Emporium in the food court. That and I feel slightly negative about the fact that I wasn't invited to any of the opening at the Emporium. Or rather I don't like chinese food, with a couple exceptions like dumplings! Though it's more about hygiene (overall with any asian/indian places) and sometimes questionable service. Something fortunately tonight we didn't endure. 

Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup $5

Starting with our entree, soup I had the chicken & corn, common found at yum cha. At first I thought it was an illusion by the bowl to make it look like it was bigger than the normal bowl, but I was wrong. The soup was very yummy with tiny bits of corn, most likely tinned. For winter I love soup.

Hot, Spicy & Sour Soup with Shredded Pork & Bean Curd $5

Jas had the pork soup, as he couldn't get pork dumplings of any kind, as we were going to share them, and I don't eat pork. Fun story, I'm going to see/hear Babe the pig concert, not sure how that's going to go. Not only do I not eat pork, I'm terrified of pigs! 

Behind the screens it's a whole restaurant in there and a room in the back too!

Prawn Wonton tossed with PB, Red Chili Oil & Spice (10 Pieces) $15

What's the difference between wonton and dumplings? I though wonton reminds me of heads with those bucket hat like backs. And they're yellow. While dumplings are white with no hanging skins/coverings. Oh wow that's a bad/gross description.

Moving on. These were delicious! We (lies, I) asked them to dial down the chili a notch and they were still delicious, with lots of flavour, but not salty or requiring a serve of noodles to balance them out. 

Fish (Paste) Dumplings (10 Pieces) $12

The fish dumplings however was a complete opposite. The look as average as my picture. The camera had nothing to focus on. At least spring on chives or something. Nope. These were just boiled them dumped onto a plate. Also the name, on the menu it was listed as fish, but fish paste on the bill! I wouldn't have bought them if I knew it was fish paste!

The skin was fine but inside I expected something like fish cake, but instead it was very textured. All grainy and strange. And they were bland as they looked! Even after we tried to revive them by dipping them into the sauce with the other dumplings. Nope, nothing could save it. 

Texture reminds me of throw up, but jas says that's more chunky. It was that bad. Inedible.

Mains are expensive. Our budget is <$20 pp for a meal with drinks, or $15 for a main. Dumplings were what I really wanted anyway. We find it best to order a couple things to share. 

Will we be back? I'm not sure, flip a coin. Sometimes I really don't like new things in case I don't like it. What's to loose? Well taste buds, time and $12 in this case. 

I will be back actually, but only for the corn soup and wonton-ish dumplings. Not open to trying new things here. It was very disappointing, the fish dumplings. Off to Mama's next!

2nd Visit

Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup $5

Like last time we ordered the soup. Unlike last time one came out after the other. What are we meant to do? Share them or wait till one is cold?

Crab Meat XLB (8 Pieces) $$

This is the reason we are never coming back. This is the reason I slept on the bathroom floor and spent most of the night throwing up, and this is the reason why I had security at my door asking if I was ok. No I am not. I must keep throwing up till I purge my body of pork.

So what was wrong? Well look at the menu. I was deceived. On our last visit I didn't see these "crab xlbs" because back then they were listed as crab AND PORK. But not on the new menu, not the way they set it out. Yes I can see it's under the heading, but it did not occur to me at the time that there is no crab only. It's crab AND PORK!

Prawn Wonton tossed with PB, Red Chili Oil & Spice (10 Pieces) $15

I asked them the dial down the chili. Did it happen? No. It was too hot and I hated it. We had to drink about 1 litre of water to get this down. And that's a 1L each.

So what was wrong?
1. The soups weren't delivered at the same time
2. They pretty much tricked me into eating pork! Did mother put you up to that?!
3. The wonton was too hot. I said I don't like the heat. But it did not happen.
4. Both chairs and the table was rocky. Quality control. How long have you been open?

We also didn't like the fact that there's a efpos charge if you spend under $30. I don't like that... along with the fact that being located inside a shopping center means matching opening hours. The latest they close is 9pm on Thu/Fri. Saturdays they close 7pm. But that's not a problem as much as the four listed above.

Have you been to New Shanghai? How was the service?

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