Hank Marvin Saturday Markets - Part 2 @ Saturday, August 15, 2015

Up for an adventure on a Saturday? Hank Marvin Markets is a great place for brunch. 

There was a BBQ stall, charcoal grilled lamb - we're getting this next time .

Creme Brulee for $8, that's the most I've ever seen them for. Prices vary, once they were $5. One of my favourite desserts. White Guy Cooks Thai, the fish is very good. Korean BBQ fusion food with mex, think spicy grilled pork tacos. I have most of the menus by the way if you want to check it out. There's a Pizza Wagon with $10-14 pizzas including a breakfast special.   

Ant’s Dumplings adds something vibrant and fun, the kids would love these. 

There were stalls for almost every cuisine, including Indian. Overdosa served up these savory crepes like wraps with vegetarian offers, also gluten free. I'd like the sweet potato one next time. 

If breakfast foods is more your thing Shtetl Bagels will serve Montreal-style bagels, toasted and buttered $4 or with the works for $10, there are also prices in between depending on how you like it. For those who like it sweet there's crepes, though there's also things for those into the health movement with superfoods and grains.

Sally's Cakes creates $3.50 cupcakes and the beautiful launch cake.
Look at that beautiful frosting, I do love cake decorating. 

For those more health concision (not me :P) there's organic raw bars. I'm still amazed that the colours are from actual foods and things that came from nature. These have nuts, seeds, grains and co in them, created by Nutrition Darling's Cinzia.

One creative sign and info board, for something to take home the Nordic Food Co. 
had very healthy looking bread, which I didn't get a close up of...

Happy Fruit sold seasonal nuts and dried fruit, sadly no cranberries as they're not grown here. Josh’s Rainbow Eggs free-range eggs were definitely a hit with market goers, farm fresh eggs. If I cooked I'd get some for an omelette and souffle.  

Raw Edibles Biodynamic Vegetables

Seven Women: An organisation empowering marginalized women 

through skills training and employment, like creating these awesome felt balls!

What I didn't see was a stall with homemade preserves and things in jars, like olives and olive oil. With that I'd love to see cheese platters, or tasting plates and toast by the slice or two served with homemade jam.

A market two years in planning, organized by one man is incredible, the logistics of it and communication. Well done Paul!

Next time on our list is: Cobb Lane Bakery, The Snag Society, Silician Street Food (the lamb) and Kwak Scrolls (cinnamon).

What to bring? Cash, a tote for things to take home, wet wipes and other things. A guide on what to bring is coming up soon! Don't wear black if you plan on eating anything floury or with icing sugar! Also wear your boots just in case it rains.

Oh and it's a family friendly event with something for everyone. Dogs welcome. I'm looking forwards to seeing perhaps a jumping castle, face painting and a balloon making clown. 

Hank Marvin is on every Saturday 9am–3pm at Alma Park, St Kilda East.

Have you been to the local market or Hank Marvin?

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