QV Winter Night Markets - Part 2 @ Monday, September 21, 2015

Wednesday 12th August

Naturally I picked a trip for dessert first (though decided to post it second). Most if not all stalls except Takis has a shop or restaurant, as that means you can vist them another time we didn't go to those. Mamask, Malaysian is on my list.

As an events planner (a job that does define me, that could be more creative) I checked out the list of stalls and had a pretty good idea of what I wanted: dessert from Takis Milkbar.

Best sellers, deep fried goodness.

Deep Fried Mars Bar $8

The mars bar was a mouthful of awesome! Yes I did feel a bit of an overdose as always with mars bar, but it was good! This should be on everyone's list. Try it, just once. The size was of a medium bar btw, served conviently on a stick.

Deep Fried Oreos (4 Pieces) $10

The oreos were more like donuts, well that was dissapointing... But I'm glad I tried it. Like the mars bar it came with a pot of buttercream. No idea why, wasn't like you could dip it, the consistency was normal, you need to spread it on with a knife.

Bounty Milkshake $8

The bounty milkshake was yummy as well expected, though I'd like to request those big bubble cup sized straws, as the coconut got stuck. It reminded me of Tuck Shop Take Away, I'm a fan of their soft serves and fantale aka salted caramel milkshakes.

Cannolis & Custard Puffs 

Cannolis $4-ish

Bigne - Custard Puffs $8

The last thing I bought was custard puffs with a beautiful glaze. I only wanted one though they came in pairs. It was average and I regret it... should have tried a cannoli instead.

The sundae stall also took my interest though I'll give it a miss as it was about the toppings and presentation. With so much good ice cream in the city we won't get one here. Especially as Coles has connoisseurs on sale this week and we bought two tubs. The smaller fancy 1L ones.

We tried an Asian caramel custard pancake but like two small ones put together to form a whoopie pie, but with pancakes. At $4 a piece we were iffy but as if by fate there was a sign that  we should go for it. It was ok, the custard wasn't sweet enough though. Before I mentioned that it was Asian custard because asian sweets don't tend to be that sweet.

We had a look around it's food, lines, home wares and accessories, handmade necklace and knitted things were featured. There was two candle stalls. So many pretty things I like, though I really don't need more candles, I rarely use them due to risk of a fire. Reed difussors and so much safer.

Loving the felt garlands but I already have two still sitting in their jars at home. I have no blank walls to put them on.

Alice wanted this, it's something you twirl and it looks awesome!

I like those light bulb vases, sadly bunny will eat the flowers and smash the vase in the process.

These aren't cupcakes, they're soap cakes! Potentially bath bombs, not sure, I forget.

A good though expensive night, good luck getting a seat. BYO knife/fork and buy things to share. Also wet wipes, bring those too. Come at 5pm to avoid the lines.

Have you been to the night markets before? Any recommendations for next year?

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