Thursday 10th September

Stonninton's Expression Fashion Gala is an event will showcase local fashion designers and models and help raise awareness around positive body image for young people.

The Venue - Malvern Town Hall


The Stage

The Awesome Ceiling 

There's this great page on facebook that promotes healthy body images and healthy eating without going on any strange diets. I love it! 

The Event - As I wasn't there most of these pictures were taken by Emma.

Natalia's SILVER LINES is inspired by her relations within the world and the outer society. 
Natalia believes her designs draws from humans need for positivity and value by exploring "Silva Linings" with simple monochrome designs.

Summer Wear

Not sure why this picture turned up with white lighting when all the others are warm...

'Hanan Alassadi' - A collection that is focused on presenting a powerful and confident personality – unique classic with a modern twist. Inspired by the designer's sister.

Bella love to express messages and ideas through the display of clothing by using colours and symbols of emotion. Her reasoning for loving fashion is being able to have the freedom to express a creative flair which can be seen as being unique. She wishes for people to find their own definition of beauty and fashion no matter what society labels ‘normal’.

Blaauw By Monica - Monica's label is inspired by the nature around us, the pieces of her collection reflect the tranquil colours of the coast and fauna while the contours are flattering for the various body types.

Fun Fabrics & Design

'A Mid-Western Dream' By Nance. - A collection that is best defined by a folklore with a western twist combined with the sensation of ballet. The Collection draws on the modern fantasy that is seen in Ballet and the dreamy nature of these performance.

Is it racist to paint your face black if you're white? Yes. What about if you're brown? Hmm... not sure on that one. No one actually said anything about this. No one, and I'm amazed, though it could be because I come from a place where most of us speak our minds.

Atong Omoli is a collection for not only the fashionista in us all, but the ethically conscious citizen of the planet. Particularly with the signature emblem, the Atong Omoli dressed woman gracefully to becomes an ambassador of goodwill and great designs.

My First Slideshow! Featuring the final walk through.

Catering was more than just lemon meringue tarts, brownies and quiche. There were a lot of sandwiches, Emma didn't get a picture as the catering area was dark. Andy was there too and he said the sandwiches were great!

Showbags and picture I actually took :P

Do you like attending fashion shows? How do you find out about events?

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