A Revisit to Fukuryu Ramen @ Thursday, January 07, 2016

Saturday 24th October

Fukuryu Ramen was the first ramen place we went to in Melbourne, surprisingly just last year when there was a ramen trend. Since then many other ramen places have popped up including Bankara, our favourite.  

This time we went as a group and the music was very loud and so you could only hear the person next to you, so I didn't get anyone's review. 

With cobblestone instead of asphalt/typical roads ladies/gentlemen in heels will struggle. 

Starting off with entrees to share we had... Edamame
Green soybeans served hot and salted. The boys loved this one. Andy didn't as he's never had them before and ate the whole thing, when like peanuts you just eat the inside.

Pork Gyoza - Pork and vegetable dumplings, pan fried. This wasn't so popular.

Chicken Kara-age - Japanese fried chicken with spicy citrus mayonnaise. A winner! Who doesn't loved deep fried chicken? It was crumbled rather than tempura style, which is what I prefer. 

Signature Tonkotsu - A thick and full-bodied broth made with pork bones.

I asked for a ramen that didn't have pork, but they decided to go with pork anyway...
It was good but not amazing, chicken sub costs $2 extra, making it $16. 


*Missing Picture* of Curry Chicken Rice

Panko crusted chicken with a curry so delicious you will want to lick the bowl clean! Freud & The Writer picked a rice dish instead of ramen, which did look delicious, that I might go back and get it myself.

Green Tea Parfait $4.50

With green tea cream, soft serve and red beans. Sprinkled with a mix of white and black sesame seeds. This sunk before I got a picture. But it was pretty awesome and I do quite like it. I'd get it again. 

Did you know they have a promo where you take a selfie with your main and you get a soft serve? None of the boys were interested though, they don't really like green tea. 

Service was very good, minus the bit where I asked for a not pork based ramen and they recommended the only one that had pork...

Thu 26th Nov

By random lucky my selfie for the free soft serve (for jas) won me a bowl of ramen! Or was it a set? I can't recall, but it was another chance to drop by!

Lychee Soda, how cool is the bottle? Took me a while, but we got there. 

We shared a bowl of chicken ramen, karrage chicken with chili mayo and shredded cabbage. The people here are always lovely!

Ramen and espresso martini's might not be the best match...

What's the first ramen place you tried? Have you been to Bankara or the 24hr one?

Fukuryu Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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