Christmas Lunch at Angliss 2015 @ Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wednesday 9th December

Angliss is one of the  rare training restaurants in Melbourne, and the only one in the city. And during the Christmas season they're offering a Christmas 3 course set menu. As recognized regulars, having had lunch, dinner and buffets here before, we were excited! The prices are great, and while the food varies nothing has been bad. And we've always left full, they may do fine dinning style and provide an opportunity for me to practice my fork skills, but you never leave hungry/peckish.

Jas once got a mini mini cookie cutter in his bobon/cracker but this one contained a plastic pink magnifine glass. Other tables decided to wear their paper hats, but we gave it a miss.

The Menu - Yay turkey!

Roast pork belly + asian herb salad, chili caramel peanuts, fresh lime

The writer & I don't eat pork, so our entree was a large salad. The salad had mint, carrots and beetroot as well as onion and cabbage. I couldn't find the chili and lime though, perhaps the later would work better if we saw a wedge on top? The salad was very good otherwise. :)

Slow roasted rolled turkey breast, chestnut and cranberry stuffing, roasted chat potatoes and carrots, pumpkin puree, green beans, turkey jus (gravy) + cranberry jam

A traditional Christmas lunch, complete with cranberry jelly! With the consistency of jam. I'm not fond of stuffing in general so just a small 20c coin size is perfect. This dish was very good though why is turkey always served as slices here? In the same way roast beef is served.

Christmas pudding, vanilla double cream, marcerated cherries, brandy Anglaise

I've always wanted to eat the pudding they set on fire, one day. This pudding was rich but moist and beautiful. Perfect! Though the cherries, I prefer them fresh. But traditionally Christmas is in winter so there are no summer fruits. It is very odd to have Christmas in summer. The cherries were soaked in brandy, and so it burnt! For me that is. 

Tea & Coffee

We had to go so skipped drinks afterwards, plus the meal was very filling, and we left very satisfied. Service was very good, swift and prompt, though a bit rushed. Our waiter didn't explain the dishes or introduce himself (at Angliss each table is assigned a waiter). Though the menu was on the table and you can all read. :P It was $36 per person + drinks extra at $2.60.

Vegetarians and vegans should give this one a miss .  

"We just ate, you can't seriously think about getting a second dessert?!"

A quick stop by the bake shop, and it was too much. I had my eye on the vanilla slice though was too full even to get it was dessert after dinner! Almost all the slices were only $3.50! #cheapeat

 Have you dined with Angliss or Zest? Or any other student training restaurants?

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