Miscellaneous @ Saturday, April 30, 2016

A collection of helpful links and funny pictures.

Books - As someone who loves the printed books, I often buy my book, online. Here in Australia books are expensive and Boarders is long gone. Use booko.com.au to compare prices, tip - best to get the ISBN to use in the search bar. Most of the time Book Depository is the cheapest site, delivered within a fortnight from the UK. Need to keep track of what you're reading, your to-read list and read? Use Good Reads.

Photo Editing - I first resize my pictures in a batch using 'Picture Resizer' (PC) then edit using PicMonkey. If I need to host it then I use Photo Bucket.

How I feel about my industry: An internship position means you'll never have to pay someone to fulfill that position. I've also been in position (yes during internships) where I found the cheapest place to get something, and the manager asks me to negotiate to get said item/service for free, in exchange for exposure...  

Very true. Especially if the guy before you bought the last six! 

I could, if I really wanted to. I prefer Monet and Thomas Kinkade though, please do wall murals! 

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