Friday 2nd June

The annual good food and wine show. This year like the past couple there are no free workshops that don't involve alcohol. As someone who doesn't drink that kinda sucks... Expectations were low this year.

The highlight of the show was Colgate's Sensitive Wonderland, where you get to try their toothpaste (and take a tub home). You then get to try all these canapes of hot and cold foods. Does it work? Yes. We got in early so didn't have to wait that long, but I heard others waited for an hour. 

Sugar coated apples! Oh how could we resist? This would be thee perfect wedding favour for us too. Though I'm not sure what's with the Micky Mouse gloves??

Miss Molly Bakes. $2 mini cupcakes! Perfect pricing! We had the choc top. Buy 5 for $10 and get one free, tempting but not today. I recall a time when mini cupcakes were $2, these days they lean towards $3.

Oregano Scrolls - Yum! We've had these before. If you wait till the end of the day you can get 3-4 for $10. At $6 each I'd just get one though. The filled ones are the best.

A highlight of the show according to the guide, and yet there was no one there?

Every show has that one show that doesn't quite fit in. My favorite is still a loan place at a wedding expo. Though today at the food show it's the terrarium stall.

The chill out zone, other than the food truck park at the back. 

One of the stalls we were looking forwards to checking out was Heilala Vanilla. $25 for the jar & bottle liquid. Often there will be show specials, on pricing. But not always, know how much things are worth before going if you know there are certain things you're after.

Wine ice cream/froyo was a hit! It was paired with a VR experience, all the rage these days. There were two flavours, one was more boozy and had the burn. I didn't like that one. Why is wine ice cream special? It's hard to freeze I'm told.

There's always a tomato stand! 

Macaron De Paris - The worst (well top two) macarons I've had, I have no idea how they're still in business. Sure it's huge, but it just crumbles like old plaster.

Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to check out the cheese alley as I felt really sick.

The Friday and the first day of the show always coincides with National Donut Day, 

so we always stop by Krispy Kreme after/before the show. The best donut ever!

All the things we bought, and a few samples. Oh and free wine.

Excited to use these in my basic sponges/cupcakes!

Chris's does not only dips, but also desserts! Known for their reusable terracotta thingys that the dip/desserts come in. If you buy four-ish? You also get a cooler bag, yay! Scroll up three pictures if you want to see it. It's the perfect size for lunch.

The true highlight of the show for us was this apple. Sure it was $9-12 but it was a caramel glitter coated apple, the tartness of a Granny Smith was perfect with the sweetness of the caramel! It's also the perfect wedding favour as a sugar addict marries a teacher, our original wedding favour was going to be a red apple with a customized sticker but this is perfect!

Idea - Someone needs to sell instant stain remover, in a spray and pen like marker size.

Overall the show was just ok, sure I'd recommend it if you're in it for the wine. But otherwise no, there aren't many samples or free workshops (unless you drink). Unless you have nothing, absolutely nothing to do and free tickets, then perhaps go. 

It used to be better. Also Sovereign Hill didn't have a stall this year. No raspberry drops.

Quick Eats - Peko Peko Taiwanese @ Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Thursday June 1st

A last hour dinner saw us visit Peko Peko, an old favourite that we stopped going to because they stopped doing bentos (I love my bentos!). On a Thursday Night it was packed (these pictures were taken on closing) as popular as ever.

Do make a booking! The deco hasn't changed much over the years, I think it has been almost 4yrs since we were here! Back in 2013-ish. We had a few group dinners here as I recall too.

This week's specials!

Pop Chicken $15

Taiwanese crispy chicken cubes with salt & pepper seasoning

Crispy with lots of spices, like nothing I've ever had! Served with kewpie mayo, and teriyaki sauce. I didn't use the sauce as it was very well seasoned. This plate is an entree but the size of a main. I'd expected at a small side salad. But no. 

Sesame Broccoli Salad $3.50

We ordered a kewpie mayo broccoli salad to go with the chicken as just a solid plate of protein is a bit overwhelming as a main. *not a real salad* The chicken was really good, though should be an entree to share between 3+ rather than a main.

Crispy Seafood Wonton + Noodle Soup $15

Egg floss, spicy seafood jam, vermicelli

One crispy seafood wonton, deep fried, calamari, covered in chili jam. 
Brilliantly textural, a firm flesh beneath crispy shell. 

Bio guy had a noodle dish, noodles were a bit dry, in a peppery broth.

The vibes are just as vibrant as I recall and till just as fun! Will we be back? Perhaps.

Peko Peko Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday 30th May

Pidapipo has been on our radar for a while, as a potential substitute (though can one really substitute their one true love?) on Lygon St, and so we were delighted to stumble upon another branch on Chapel St after a disappointing dinner! It's quite close to Windsor Station too.

It was a winter's evening, we had tickets to Churchill the movie, but realized neither of us were actually interested so we took a leisurely dinner instead of the usual 12 minute rush. Pidapipo on a winter's night wasn't inviting as Messina on the same street, cold lighting not warm and inviting, oh well, we were after dessert.  

At $4.50 a scoop, though we always get 2 for $6.50, standard prices. There were milk based ice creams, sorbets (dairy free), specials and other cold treats on the menu. Apple Crumble looks good, but so do all the gelatos. :P

There were no lines so we got to sample a few flavours before choosing.

I'll picked the pistachio and strawberry rose, why I keep going for things that taste like hand cream but less creamy I have no idea. But I did love the pistachio! There was a cinnamon and fig that would have paired nicely, but alas it was a sorbet. Fior de latte aka vanilla-ish was my third choice.

Service was friendly and they take card.

Just another ice cream parlour. Scroll & Messina are still my favourites.

Pidapipo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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