American Eats - Misty's Dinner @ Friday, July 28, 2017

Charlie & Co. dined as guests.
Wednesday 5th July

Misty's Burger Challenge: 1.2kg (2.65lbs) burger and 280g (0.61lbs) fries: 
3 hamburger buns, 5 beef patties, 5 slices of cheese, 5 slices of bacon, 
smokey BBQ sauce, mayo and 1/3 serve of fries + a drink.

Misty's has been on our list for years, as it is widely known as the place to go to for American food aka hot dog/burger/deep fried heaven, and so we were delighted to finally visit for the 4th July celebration! Though it was the 5th here, due to time zone differences. 

Outside it's dark and cold but the inside couldn't be more of a contrast, with bright colours and lights! The deco can be only what is described as Americana, little treasures and memorabilia from decades gone by, oh how we miss the 50s! With Motown Rock and Roll playing all that was missing was waiters on skates!

While it was bright it wasn't as crazy bright as in my photos. :P

We have the best sodas back home, classics and limited edition. Things you wouldn't expect, like Soda Shaq! A blueberry cream soda. There were classics like root beer, Dr Pepper and Fanta Grape (my favourite!). And if you're wondering what Big Red tastes like, it's like those red gummy candy/snacks but as a drink, though it also tastes like bubblegum.

Can you spot the state we're from? My travel goals include visiting quite a few states, though not quite 50. :P Any state that has a museum town, we'll be there! He loves the Wild West.

Each booth had a mini coin operated jukebox offering 50s tunes.

Mac and Cheese Balls 

Deep fried and crunchy, bio guy loved these and he doesn't even like mac and cheese! It was a mild cheese, a Cheddar Colby while I would have preferred something a bit stronger.

Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs

These were amazing! Soft melt in your mouth. Charred just right, finger licking good with a glaze sweet bqq though with the great balance in flavour. These are the best ribs I've ever had!  Order a platter to share, or each! I can't wait to get this again! 

Trailer Park Trash 

Buttermilk crumbed fried chicken, mashed potatoes, white gravy, garlic roll & side of salad
While the chicken wasn't noteworthy the mash was beautiful, the best mash I've had on par with my aunt's. Creamy smooth and decadent. The salad was quite nice as well, pretty good salad as a side with a ranch dressing.  

Buffalo Chicken

Buffalo wings, lettuce, Spanish onions, shredded Mexican cheese with ranch dressing

Bio guy loved these saying they were 'choice wings', the really good ones with lots of meat. Though the buffalo marinade wasn't as strong as expected with a chili sign on the menu. 

Pig Out Platter 

Chicken wings, onion rings, pork ribs, chicken bites, 
meatballs, wedges, skinny fries with an assortment of sauces

This is the ultimate platter with something for every deep fried lover and those ribs we love! This platter has it all! I loved the wedges, they were the fluffiest potato pringle like wedges (pictured above the fries). Perfect to be shared for entree between 5+ or one bio guy *sigh*.

The onion rings mixed herb seasoning was to die for said bio guy, crunchy bites. Expertly crafted flavours. 

Bright booths to brighten anyone's day!

Thick-shakes soon followed of which we got to share the Reese's Pieces one, it was very peanut buttery as expected and had Reese's M&Ms mixed it. Indeed it was so thick you could eat it like a dessert and we did!

There are so many exciting flavours for thick-shakes! 14 thick shakes, 9 unique. Including Butterfingers and Pumpkin! Bacon & Waffles appears to be the most experimental.

Texas Brownie

Warm homemade brownie oozing with white & dark Ghirardhelli chocolate

An absolutely delicious brownie that was more like a chocolate cake served with both cream and ice cream! I do love how our serving sizes are quite generous. Bio guy polished this one off and would have licked the plate, but he understands I am very strict when it comes to behaviour around me. :P

Cherry Pie

Can you believe I've never had cherry pie before?? I wasn't really a fan of this one though, as the crust was too thick and moist. I prefer my cherries sweeter too, I do love Fathers' cherry tart!

Pumpkin Pie

Meanwhile I loved the pumpkin pie! If I could only eat one type of pie for the rest of my life it would be pumpkin. Heavy on the spices it was more than just the usual cinnamon but the whole list of spices I use in my pie! This is a must try. 

Misty offers nine different pies! All the classics and then some candy pies.

Our Thoughts? Overall deep fried and delicious! Must try a couple times. You'd be surprised that Misty's is so much more than just burgers.

Misty herself was bright and bubbly. Very friendly just as any great hostess ought to be, as well as running the diner she also cooks! The recipes are her own. 

The Bad - There was quite a few dirty spoons, streaky and spots on cutler and lipstick on glasses. And this was with them knowing that we were dinning tonight.

The Good - Everything else! Did we mention there are four kinds of fries?! The wedge is my favourite.

Located just off Chapel St x High St, heading towards the city pass Lucky Coq next to a car repairs place and the new high school. Misty's is near a tram No. 6 Glen Iris, and Prahran Station. Though it's a place you gotta look for it, not a place you'd stumble upon. But once you do, you've found a gem!

Have you been to Misty's? What do you like to order?

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