Burning Bridges - Move Complete! @ Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Monday 24th July

We made a mistake of seeing 8.10 as almost 2am and went to bed... Up at 4am we're bound to require an afternoon nap. What did we get up to all morning? Not much mainly just stressing. I hate that you have to fill out long forms or call to get quotes for things... *looking up movers*

From the French bakery we had a passionfruit round eclair with custard. Yum! 4.40. The passionfruit was mixed in with icing sugar mixture to create a matter glaze. It could have used more passionfruit in the custardy filling though. Oh how lovely it must be to be a hobby Baker! (We have no kitchen atm.)

Lunch at Miss Korea. But guy says it's not worth a second look but at $13 I disagree. I need to get a bento complete my review. Third visit, this is the second where I've ordered the noodles again but with teriyaki chicken and the tofu on the side.

T chicken was a bit salty and low on t. Slightly above average. Loved the noodles! Regret getting tofu instead of octopus balls.


Tues lunch at Fatto. It's buzzing in here with the $10 spaghetti crab offer. Dry July. 
I could smell the lemon! Breadcrumbs fried in butter, dried a top a bed of spanner crab. Spaghetti tossed with fresh herbs. The crab was fresh and light with a lemon ev olive oil dressing. Who would have thought you could have a great pasta without cheese!

Up to North Melbourne. I used to live up here but honestly spent too much time at war with the neighbours to explore.

Mork we walked past on a tour but never noticed it! Mist in the woods, a smoky glass. 70% dark. I prefer the iced one. Finally years after we've ticked it off the list. It was nice but nothing amazing or worth travelling for. Not worth the hype at around $10. I prefer Lindt.

Afternoon tea v2 at Errols. Opposite town hall. Super friendly service if I bought daily coffee this could be the place. I was after takeaway till I saw the window seat! The waitress said this used to be a bank and we're sitting in the vault. I love this space. I'd love to do a photo shoot just in this corner. We had a matcha chia smoothie, icy like a slushie, a bit light on chia but I liked it. With full cream. Also had a pair of crescent cookies.

Dinner next door, at Agrabra. A huge wrap with lamb sausages and... 
There were hot green things too. 

Finucane & Smith's Glory Box + The Little Death Club 
Provocare' Festival at Grattan Gardens

Tonight's show borderline strip club, but nicer in a tent at the park. Mostly acts we've seen before. Lots of normal sized ladies shaking it with confidence. The highlights was Frenchie and her cork, hilarious hoop slinky and the rope act.

This is my third glory box show and so there's a bit of a repeat. But I'd definitely recommend it and the second show too.

In between shows we chilled or rather warmed ourselves by the fire, open flames in a can. Homeless style XD There wasn't a bar or indoor chill space which was disappointing. Also the seats or rather benches were wet. The idea was to go chill at a chapel st prescient bar. Nah I prefer to hang around. There were day of the dead giant people on stilts in costumes but I didn't manage to catch them for a family portrait! Also flames like crown but smaller happened. Oh we do like fire!

The second show featured less but no less in quality. A dark angel hosts telling us stories of Craigslist personals. Emotional guy and kinky uber geek were our favourites! We also loved Karen lip sync from finance, hoops v2 who I didn't recognize till she got nakid. We also loved Betty with her full figure and tassels. Absolutely loved it!!


The shocking discovery that H is 26! O.O. He's younger than le beau and bio guy and everyone I know!  It's funny how we know nothing or almost nothing about our therapist. He's my therapist neigbour. While I was at events he was studying. He appears to have his life together though not at the stage where he's married with a house (people around us get gifted one as a wedding present). How weird would it be if we'd gone to the same school and he was in the year above me and ended up being my therapist?

Dinner at Short Black Cafe in Main Street known for their coffee art. No matcha latte so we had a hot chocolate. Heard the menu had changed so many reviews no longer relevant. They also had a bloggers event to boost ratings. When you're invited service will be different. Hopefully not too much but it's like being the guest of honour.


Bubble Cup. Strawberry Milk Tea $3.50 A light strawberry that wasn't very sweet. 
Lightly artificially flavoured and coloured. Nope I didn't like it. 

Snacking at Juno May. Dumplings. They were nice. Nothing particularly amazing though.

Entree no.2-4 at Barolo to the right of Grill'd. Arancini ball. The lamb skewer wasn't marinated served with a yoghurt sauce ordinary much like the Meat ball.

Dinner at Bohemia, South Wharf. It's packed at the beer bar and common man tonight filled with delegates/people from the conference next door. A convention for chemists, bio, advanced and novel. I have no idea what these things are but I believe one of the guys from dance is a chemist.

It's windy out here and as a city that's in winter half the year I'd expected it to be empty during winter. It's great on warm days though. We were in the area just a week or two ago.

The duck was fine though got boring. I like the cranberry in the sauce. Fries kale was different. I can't say I like it... Wouldn't really recommend this.

Dessert was a deconstructed raspberry cheesecake, that was pretty good.


How many miles of bubble wrap do you think we used on this?

Wow we've had a long week! And it's not ending any time soon either. Today we completed packing after two months. What a journey it has been! Overtime the baby sitter become more chill and didn't have to be there with me every minute. To the point where I could pack unsupervised.
In the end I packed all the boxes by myself as the boys were drowning in their own issues while I'm suffering from risk of an implosion.

Did we have cake to celebrate? No time. Plus the house mother hates me (it's neutral) and half the neighbours I knew are gone. But we got closure and burnt some papers. Third time I've been smoked this week! The flames were weak and pathetic. One lick didn't burn them all, the fire quickly went out and so it took three people to complete the task.

Sometimes it's ok not to forgive. As long as you let go and keep your resentment on your side of the fence. Over time you'll forget.

The ashes were scattered over the bridge. A bridge we would never cross again. 
A house around the corner is leasing. $900 a week, three bedrooms. Street parking for one car, permit zone.

Dinner at Chili Indian, we skipped the organ preconception for this.

Down to city hall for a concert. Carmen!! Oh how I'd love to play that triangle and spectacularly fail at it :P

As always we love stopped by the crepe stand after a show at city hall.

Saturday & Sunday

Open House Melbourne! First stop - City Hall.

The Windsor Hotel. 

Arts Center Collection

Down South to the Temperance Hall.

Snack Time! @ Beebee Cafe. Soda and panni toastie with cheese and tomato. As basic as it gets. Service was fine though so slow I could have made it myself. 20 minutes! That's crazy.

RaanKanEang  - Pad Thai Satay Chicken with Rice $12

Up to the markets for dinner, Elizabeth St in that area are known for cheap eats, no frills. How was it? Pretty basic but still good and coconuty, yes I'd eat here again.

How was your week? We're not normally this booked btw :P

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