Spaghetti Day @ Fatto! @ Friday, August 18, 2017

Tuesday 25th July

Yes it is crazy bright outside!

When it comes to dinning on the waterfront, it's location that you're paying for, down at South Wharf, a leisurely lunch too on a weekday. Today today we're checking out a place closer to the office and home. Fatto Bar and Cantina, Italian beside Hamer Hall, it's the place to go for pre-post show drinks till the 'New Curve' The Barre became the place to spot musicians. 

Seated upstairs from the waterfront you can't feel the breeze here. 

Usually an expensive place, they occasionally have a $10 spaghetti offer! For one day, and one day only. Today the offer was Fraser Isle Spanner Crab Spaghetti.

At 12.15pm it was buzzing in here with the $10 spaghetti crab offer. Dry July kept us away from the bar, and up-sell "Ma'am would you like a glass of wine with that?"

Fraser Isle Spanner Crab Spaghetti $10

The serving ain't small, the dish is more like a platter.

I could smell the lemon! Breadcrumbs fried in butter, dried a top a bed of spanner crab. Spaghetti tossed with fresh herbs. The crab was fresh and light with a lemon ev olive oil dressing. Who would have thought you could have a great pasta without cheese!

While it was very good I did find myself mentally cheating on the dish, considering a second lunch as this is an entree sized dish - and I don't eat a lot. We might have to stop for a snack after this.

A lovely bar and restaurant, though more than our usual budget I'd say.

Service was hurried though friendly, except for some people who either ignored me, or didn't see me...

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