Food Trucks - Ghost Kitchen @ Sunday, September 03, 2017

Friday 4th August

At an event we went to lunch options were limited to brunch acai seeds and similar "healthy" food like that, or Ghost Kitchen. The ladies raved about their chips, and so we just had to try them!

Sweet Potato Chips $10

Sweet and Sour Plum Seasoning

Crispy on the outside, fluffy with in these were perfect. Often sweet potato chips are overcooked if not burnt, not sure why. It's all about the seasoning, sweet and tangy, kinda like Samboy BBQ chips seasoning but different. Whatever it is, it's amazing!

Spring Onion Pancake with 'The Lot' $10

Egg, Pork Floss & Asian Doughnut

This was something completely new. Delicious though with lots of variation in texture. A spring onion pancake, savory with pork floss, it's like savory cotton candy, but more dense in texture and salty. It was really interesting (good interesting) and like nothing I've ever had. 

Ghost Kitchen has a thumbs up from us, those chips are amazing! Though $10 is a bit much for chips... though food trucks are often pricey, sometimes you can find a meal for under $15 but not often.

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