Liven Eats @ MOMO Dumpling Plus Tea @ Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Thursday 22nd June

Momo Dumpling, sounds odd without the s... is located around the corner and a block or two off the main street in Prahran. It's not really somewhere you'd stumble upon - unless you were looking for parking.

When the lighting and mood of a warehouse-y restaurant reminds you of juvie XD A modern concrete reflection of the urban jungle eloquently put, but no, this place reminds me of juvie. There's even a brightly lit corner for that kid strapped to a hospital bed.

This place is huge! And empty at 6pm, the location seems to be a secret...

Chicken & Prawn Dumplings $12

Six gyoza shaped dumplings. They were juice and very good, with skins that weren't too thick nor thin, and not sticky. Served with chili sauce, on a bed of purple shredded carrot. 

Bio guy had the duck baos which aren't on the menu? He said they were very good though a third of his food budget for the week. He spends $20-30 a week on food, minus the times I drag him out of rehab.

It was a grab and go order as I was on my way to work, we were hoping to eat in if we could within 15 minutes.

Thursday 3rd August

Lunch at Momo goes till 4pm here! The latest I've seen anywhere. Wow that menu is hard to read thanks to the background. As I publish this review they've actually closed, so it mightn't be useful to anyone anyway. 

Wonton Noodle Soup $15

We ordered the wonton noodle soup from the $15 lunch menu. Through liven it's $17... I hate it when apps used as an incentive end up costing you more, as the place passes the fee onto you.

It was a classic low flavour comfort food, I like it but it wasn't remarkable. 

Service was friendly. Probably won't return, as it doesn't really stand out. 

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