Goodbye Nucky Thompson (Boardwalk Empire) @ Wednesday, November 15, 2017

After five seasons, ending with the perfect death of Nucky Thompson Boardwalk Empire is over. His role was fading out as the new group of Italian mobsters rolled in. Everyone except the Italians were killed off. Chalky never got his revenge of the evil Dr, instead giving up his life for Daughter's freedom. 

Margaret is taking care of herself and her children, a strong independent woman much like Gillian. Gillian lost everything though, they got her in the end, a tragic life and ending. I was really hoping Nucky would save her. As they've known each other since he was a deputy under the Evil Commandore. The act of ultimate betrayal of a trusting child. Her story was the most tragic.

Other notables we lost were; Eddie, Nucky's valet who was so loyal, till the very end.

And Richard Harrow, he might be a gun for hire and got his epic scene at the end of season 3, but he is the single most character with most heart. Killed off a bit earlier, it was a tragedy, though he would have not been able to live with himself.

Sally's death was too sudden and small, Nucky's last love should have had a bigger bang. Instead they tossed her aside like trash, but that's how Cuba is. 

What an adventure it has been! It appears only Margaret and the Italian got their happily ever after though. I loved the last season with all the flashbacks to how Nucky ended up as the King of Atlantic City, especially the costumes of the Edwardian Era and his wife, Mabel. 
We loved finally getting to see his backstory and his wife. Growing up during the Edwardian era era, the costumes were quite different and my style.

Goodbye Nucky, we'll miss you. There's no show like Boardwalk Empire
with such a perfect ending. What an adventure it has been!

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