MealPal - Lunching @ Belleville @ Thursday, November 09, 2017

Thursday 21st September

1/4 Rotisseie Chicken with Asian Slaw
Chicken, miso butter glaze, coconut, daikon, nashi pear

Lunch at/from Belleville! I've been to an event here, one where jas arrived at the end time... and the chicken was great, so we were delighted to be back. 

Through Mealpal we ordered the 1/4 chicken with asian slaw for $8. It was small... like an entree/snack size. But sure packs a punch! Crispy skinned tender chicken thigh and drumstick, must be free range at this size. The salad was tangy with a crunch and amazing! The perfect accompliment that cut through the meatiness. 

Turns out if you order through MealPal, it's only takeaway? Or maybe just here, because it's a resturant rather than a food court? I'm not sure, but I wasn't welcome to dine in. Service was indifferent, and they weren't busy at that point. But at least he wasn't too hostile. 

This is one of my favourites places to have lunch, as not many people know about it.

We can't wait to return to Belleville. Where do you go for chicken?

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