Garage Espresso in the Bushes @ Thursday, December 07, 2017

Friday 27th October

Located on a main street it was crazy bright this Friday afternoon in summer, but I love what they've done with the place, added leaves out front to protect the place from the harsh sun and me having to reapply sunscreen!

With a name like 'Garage Espresso' you could kinda guess the location, for the life of me I didn't take a picture of the garage, but don't think it's active/open. Lured by Liven, through which we've discovered so many places, we came upon this one, it's small with limited seats, though not busy on a Friday afternoon.

Oooh cake... they look perfect, alas I had already looked at the menu and knew what I wanted. Perhaps next time, though we only ever go to St Kilda for events really.

Alate lunch at Garage Espresso (St. Kilda). A small cafe with lots of green deco. We had a Cheese Croissant $4.50 with two types of jam, mango chutney and strawberry aniseed. It was very good and definitely recommended. Cheese & Jam, my favourite way to eat a croissant. 

We balanced it with the 'Sparkling Smile Smoothie' $4.25 (50% off). There was ginger - I don't like ginger.... It was all lumpy and gross, but then I got it sieved and it was much better. Service was very friendly. I do like this place and would return. Perhaps next summer?

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