One Zo Bubble Tea @ Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday 12th January

Almost every week or two a new bubble tea opens up in the city, there's more of them than there are of 7/11s! Opening around Xmas they haven't started promo till now. This week it's One Zo who instead of showing prices for the regular they're showing large so you're looking at $6-7 drinks though the menu has 5.50 drinks.

They do have seats, about 10 for dine in. But there's seats at the two malls.

The top 8 drinks are on the board/wall to help you choose. 

As there was a promotion on it took a while, 20 minutes on this occasion. Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing it doesn't belong in a fruit salad... or fruity drink. That's where they failed. 

I had the matcha milk with jade pearls, turns out I don't like pearls, but the drink was good. As expected, not too powdery which can happen. Need to shake well first.

We came back and had the tropical and grapefruit which was pretty good, unlike these crazy serving sizes which each serves two! There is a smaller size I found out but it's not on the display or encouraged...

I like it buy don't love it - though my go to order of taro milk tea isn't on the menu.

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Local Eats - Butter Dish (Camberwell) @ Thursday, April 11, 2019

Friday 12th January

Two years ago we lived in Camberwell, and Butter Dish was on the to eat list. Since then we've moved, a lot, but one day we finally made it! A murky humid summers day. Located next to the market it smells like the butchery outside...

Seating about 14 it's a very small cute cafe with an all day breakfast menu.
They do peanut butter hot chocolate and nutella cappuccinos! Alas it was too sweltering and we had a lovely housemade juice.

Mango, Orange & Grapefruit $6.50 
Light and lovely! It was totally real and made inhouse.

Through Groupon we bought a breakfast deal to get us a time limit to commit.

Creamy mushrooms on brioche $15 or soft folded eggs were the options along with coffee for ... but we got a $2 upgrade for a juice. A very generous serving of mushrooms upon a slice of thick cut buttery brioche. With a perfectly runny poached egg in the middle sprinkled with something green, chives, and curls of cheese. It was like a hug as a dish, warm and comforting perfectly balanced flavours and textures. Soft buttery mushrooms. I love it, and would get it again.

Service was too friendly, which is a pretty crazy thing to say, but sometimes I'd like to dine out alone rather than chat, sorry. 

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Summer Days Out & About @ Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Tuesday 9th January 2018

To the city! Shopping before heading to the theatre to see 'The Unbelievables' which was a circusy show. It was pretty amazing, with only one act I didn't like (the puppet guy,  ventriloquist, but can't deny that he was amazing - he didn't appear to move a muscle!). The magician was a particular stand out along with the dancing girls, and aerial artist. Also the music was great. Highly recommended, though probably not if you're paying more than $40-50 per ticket. It's so lovely to see a professional show, as we still recall the experimental fringe quite clearly. Too many duds last year. Oh and sand art, I haven't seen that live before. 

Our seats were great too, the only thing that could have made it better would been the removal of the giraffe in font of me... As we were close we could see pretty well on stage, but there were also 5 screens, 3 facing the audience for close ups, especially for the card acts. 

I still don't think all the people on the poster are the same as in the show though, especially the guy holding the cards...


Running late, is there any other way to run? We skipped lunch moving it to Monday to get to the show on time. Just as magical as the last! We couldn't resist $10 tickets

Dinner was a banquet at Leezet.


Two years ago we lived in Camberwell, and Butter dish was on the to eat list.
One day we finally made it! A murky humid summers day. Located next to the market.

Checking out the latest bubble cup place, opposite DonDon.

Dinner at Homi


Checking out the French music festival at Werribee.

Thursday 28th March
Charlie & Co. dined as guests.

Just a short walk from the station on main street lies Little Byrd, a bustling rustic cafe with a bit of Middle Eastern inspiration. Serving up all the brunchy classics and things I want to order too! Like the fruit salad with ice cream.

It was a lovely day to sit outside, otherwise we would have loved that corner table with the Moroccan throw pillows, rustic and inner suburbs meets some more exotic flavours.

Not giving into my "need" to order the ice cream and fruit salad we had a vanilla milkshake instead, I like it but it was a tad artificial tasting, might be the brand of ice cream. Oddly the matcha lattes are missing from the coffee menu. Nina meanwhile had a refreshing carrot, ginger and lemon freshly pressed juice. Is celery hollow? Cause that would have made a cool straw. She said it was perfect to match the falafel bowl, fresh and palate cleansing.

Falafal Bowl - Falafel, labneh, mix beans, mix pickles, 
cherry tomatoes, quinoa, avocado, beetroot and hummus

Nina had the falafel bowl, so vibrant and fresh. The sweet pickles offset by creamy labneh and thinly sliced dukkah sprinkled avocado were the perfect accompaniment to the crispy falafel. A nice addition was the mixed beans and quinoa, adding protein and depth to the bowl. Definitely a large, filling serving and one we'd get again. And so beautifully presented, we felt healthier just eating it.

Shakshuka - Spiced tomato sauce with middle eastern spices 
with Turkish sausage and baked eggs topped with crumbed feta.

This dish takes baked eggs to the next level with middle eastern flavors and spicy sausages. I'm also delighted to say there were no bell peppers! With a runny egg it was perfect for the dipping, though it's best not to wear white. One of my favourite dishes to order it was a little more watery than usual but still good. I love that the bread was served with cute little plane/hotel style butter.

Not only were these selections healthy, but also full of flavour and filling, 
so much so we had to skip dessert, and that doesn't happen often! 

Brunch at Little Byrd was the perfect start to the day. Service was very friendly and we found parking on the main street! Located by the 57 tram and a couple blocks from the station pop this place on your to eat list.

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