Dinner @ Basil Leaf Pho La Que @ Sunday, June 09, 2019

Tuesday 30th January 2018

Dinner at Pho La Que Basil Leaf, sounds like two-three places XD the strangest Vietnamese restaurant name we've come across. Not actually sure if it's Vietnamese. But not much is open till 11pm on a Tuesday though this place was, which we found through Liven. Jas was so late that the kitchen at the last place we went to was closed, by the time he got there. And that's how we ended up here. 

Brightly lit in Fitzroy it was pretty much beside another Vietnamese place. Green walls with a huge lotus pond mural. There were padded seats, rows against the wall though this one could do with a renovation, having seen better days.

Prawn & Crab Net Wrap Spring Rolls (6 Pcs) $8.00   

Served with lettuce and vinaigrette carrots these were nice. Hanoi style with that net wrap, though the oil wasn't fresh. A first for jas, though I think Miss Chu does them better.

A bit awkward to eat without a small plate each. Fun though and messy when the fish sauce is flowing down your arms (the importance of wet wipes).

Special Beef Pho (Medium) $12 & Rare Beef Pho (Small) $10
These bowls looks exactly the same in the picture, it's the angle.

For mains we had pho, the sizes surprisingly weren't displayed on the wall, so I went with small (we had cake on our way here). It wasn't served as hot as we're used to, though was filling. Better than average though not as good as Victoria St though that is to be expected. I need more beef for the noodle ratio.

Custard Apple Smoothies $5 - Lightly sweetened these were nice, less thick than expected but pretty good. Jas wanted the jackfruit but they were out. 

The total came to $42.50, though we actually paid $22 with a Liven offer. 
Oh and I also got an OJ thrown in there.  

They've got the typical asian shop tissues which isn't anything like ours (the super soft ones) instead of the pho serviettes in shiny silver boxes. On cleanliness the side of the salad plate was oily - I ate my spring rolls with a fork, so it wasn't me. 

Service was minimal and just fine. I think he was excited about going home though happy for us to take our time. 

It was nice though nothing amazing - but they are open late on a Tuesday night. We picked this place just tonight, which is something rare. I am a planner and almost always have a booking, but sometimes stuff happens.

Pho La Que Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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