A Tuesday in March 

Korean BBQ Dinner on Lygon St at Hwatu via Groupon I think we paid something like $50 (though there was 15% off so it was like $43) for two people. When you buy the groupon you'll pick a set, of which there are four. We picked the all beef 'Cho-Dan Korean BBQ set'.

While it was light when we got there, the cover for the outdoor area out front ensure there was no actual light in the restaurant... set far back from the street, but that's ok cause it's slightly dimmer inside, and I like the dark.

There was only one other couple there when we got there and one couple (a different one) when we left. Quiet night here on Tuesday, though it was still busy at other places. We had a 7.30 booking. 

A portable hot plate was above a gas burner on the table waiting. So it's a korean restaurant, but not korean bbq specialty.

$49 for a Cho-Dan Korean BBQ set dinner menu for two people ($70? normally)

Short ribs
Scotch fillet
Marinated beef ribs
Choice of stew: kimchi, seafood and soft tofu, or bean paste
Sides of kimchi, vegetables, spicy garden salad, and rice

We've had korean bbq once or twice before and I still don't really see the soup as being part of it? It's served at the same time too. Of the three options we picked the 'seafood and soft tofu', which had a bit of flavour though wasn't spicy as I'd expected. The textures were nice, though the seafood was tiny octopuses and pippes?

The bbq was much better, served with a small 'spicy garden salad', kim chi, marinated veg/onion and two dips: miso and something salty. There wasn't much sides, though we should have asked for more (the 3 in 1 side dish).

The meats were juicy and tender (only a couple pieces were chewy), the marinated beef ribs were crispy and amazing! Full of flavour, unlike the others though korean bbq meat is usual unmariated unless said so. We also had onion and some mushrooms grilled. 

We had the waiters take care of the cooking part, they were friendly though service was minimal and they didn't tell us what each cut was. "No instructions were given on the condiments or what was being cooked." - What some else said. Btw we have no idea what to do with the hunk of lettuce... and jas wanted to know if the garlic beside it was meant to be grilled. 

Highly recommended for sure at $50 for two (via groupon) as korean bbq normally starts at $60 for two, and that wouldn't be an all beef set. 

Review were mixed and I was iffy but we were very happy with our experience, though the place is pretty casual. 

Note - Someone said 'restaurant does not have air conditioning' so don't go here when it's too hot. 

Hwatu 花鬪 화투 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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