Cheese Toasties @ Vic Market // Ripe Cheese @ Thursday, February 20, 2020


I consider being able to consume a cheese toastie the very peek of health, and lately we've been lucky to be there, even if we're an exhausted pigeon. And so no trams on a cooler day wasn't going to stop us from strolling up to the market on an extended lunch break to check out Ripe Cheese at Vic Market. Super easy to find btw. All the cheese! 

One day I want to buy all the things for a picnic here and then still have the energy to picnic after a trip to the market. Market trolley and cooler bag essential, also winter so no one gets food poisoning.

The offering is singular and changes often (hello fig and blue cheese next week), made fresh on the day in the early hours when the market first opens at 6am by the very friendly Hakim himself in what appears to be a one man operation. 

Toastie of the Week $12

This week it's "oozy gooey mozzarella with bitey vintage cheddar, a smear of blue and caramelized champagne leeks on buttered sourdough. Served with cornichons on the side" it was absolutely delicious! Serves 2, this is bigger irl than in the photo btw. .

Lighting we have extremes, there is no sun and shade... only stark daylight or indoors.

Highly recommended pop this on your must try before 3pm list! 

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