Charlie & Co. were gifted the product for a review. 

How do you like your cookies? Chewy, crunchy or crispy? We love them crispy so make them thinner to crisp up. 
We made/baked this quick and easy 'slice and bake' cookie dough by @the.doughco, so good, no mess. And they're so good! Perfect level of sweetness.
The white chocolate cranberry one are addictive as! It's not crazy sweet but just perfect. We made these as jumbo cookies (80g x 5) and they're huge!  Tip - freeze them before baking if you want less spread.

His favourite was the dark choc orange ones (34g x 12), with chunks of chocolate, a very generous amount that gives it that rustic bakery feel.
They both smell amazing and vanished within a day, shared with friends, he loves the orange ones and inhaled them while I can't get enough of the white choc cranberry. 

The great thing about baking your own cookies is you choose how they turn out > soft & chewy, crunchy or my favorite > crispy! No mess, and minimal clean up, also a great gift for house warming or whenever you're short on time, or even between meetings. 

You can find @the.doughco on instagram or their website.

Location - Pick Up from West Melbourne // or Delivered

There four flavours to try, priced $12-13 a roll. Each roll makes 5 x 80g ones (look at our white choc cranberry picture), 12 x 34g normal sized cookies (our choc orange picture). Which flavour is your favourite?

Wednesday 28th April
Charlie & Co. dined as guests.

In a collaboration between Asian Inspirations and the Thai Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP)'s we were invited on the Taste of Thailand: Thai SELECT Food Tour promoting the Thai SELECT certificate. Which is a prestigious award awarded by the Department of International Trade Promotion to certify the food, hospitality and atmosphere of the restaurant, where 60%+ of the menu are authentic Thai dishes. 

On the itinerary:
  • Jing Jai Thai - Flinders Lane
  • Bangpop - South Wharf
  • Thai Cooking Masterclass

We've actually dined at these two spots many times, love the pad thai and betel leaf at Bangpop, dinning outdoors in summer under the moonlit sky by the water during our college days. The green curry at Jing Jai Thai is my go to, being just a block away from the office.

Jing Jai Thai

Our first stop was Jing Jai Thai on Flinders lane. We've been here many times though always get the same-ish dish, delighted to have someone take the led and order.


Drinks - Butterfly pea pandan juice. We guessed a light coconut water with a hint of sourness, not being familiar with pandan juice (how does one juice a leaf?). Butterfly pea is a flower which gives off a natural blue, that turns purple when you add citrus. 

1. Yum Oysters - fresh oysters topped with a special sauce, chili, lime, garlic and chili jam sauce. So good! Thai sauces often have tamarind which takes it to the next level.

2. Yum pla foo - deep fried crispy flaked fish with green apple (fruity) salad. Fascinating, the boys reckon this is kinda like Catfish fluffed up like taro at yum cha, I have no idea what is it. Crispy and light it was wonderful in a fruit/salad especially with that thai dressing.

3. An chan noodle with grilled chicken - housemade purple noodles with butterfly pea, grilled chicken and relish sauce. Crispy skinned chicken with springy noodles and a not spicy  sweet and sour dressing, so good! This dish has been on our list for years, and we've been missing out.

4. Pineapple (riceberry) fried rice. Colored with curry powder this mixed seafood fried rice also has pineapple for a sweet surprise, served playfully in a pineapple! The rice berry rice is very different from normal rice, chewy and more gluteny. But also medium-lower GI.

5. Zucchini boat noodles, the broth have a unique flavour and sweetness to it. I really like it, just don't look at the ingredient list (sweating emoji)

6. Dessert platter - mini mini rice dumplings in coconut milk, mochi like! It was like eating a kinda boba instead of drinking it XD coconut ice cream and durian cheesecake had us rolling out the door. The durian cheesecake I couldn't smell but could definitely taste, it's not as strong as I like (I love it pure) so safe to introduce to friends.


After one feast of a brunch we trammed over to Bangpop on South Wharf, a waterfront restaurant opposite Crown. 

Cooking Stations


We sipped on chilli lychee vodkas and had a few nibbles before doing a cooking class, led by Head Chef Malcolm each with our own cooking station and a wok! This is our second time using one of those and it is hot!          


Thai Fish Cakes

Pad Grapow Moo - Made by Yoyo

We made the classic thai starter, Thai red curry fish cakes with added green beans, and Pad Grapow Moo, a minced pork dish served with riceberry rice. These are definitely dishes we can make again at home. 

But that wasn't all, alas I was already rolling after a second b/lunch so didn't try the Northern thai vegan larb and Saltgrass lamb rib jungle curry. 

Thanks Asian Inspirations and the Thai Department of International Trade for an amazing food tour that had us rolling out the door with takeaway, such a lovely day to spend learning about Thai cuisine and playing in the kitchen.

For more information on Thai SELECT, Thai Trade. check out their website. 

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