Laughing Daffodils @ Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday 23rd August

All these things look amazing... A La Folie Patisserie

After all that food (tomorrow's post) we went for a walk to 
our next dessert place, could be a good thing that they were sold out. 

Tomorrow's post - sneak peek.

I always buy online as there isn't really a store in the city.
Though their quality isn't what it used to be.

 That window styling is missing something, crepe paper flowers to hang in the background maybe? Or balloons on the floor? Because that floor says kitchen or diner to me.

On-wards to the apartment in the city, we went for another walk from Flinders to Chinatown for a drink, and back with a stop for apple pie along the way, as we were still quite full from tea. We had ChaTime, a nice cool treat. Strawberries on sale, next to EB Games on Swanston. 

Throughout the year there are many festivals in Melbourne by IMO there is none better than the 'Melbourne International Comedy' in March. Le beau thought it would be the food & wine for me, but no that's actually expensive and not as memorable. Note that I do win a lot of tickets to events though. So I was delighting to score a double pass to a comedy show tonight!

Does anyone else do google map walk-throughs when going to a new place? As part of the GLOW Festival (City of Stonnington) they've teamed up with the comedy festival to put on well a comedy show, 'Laughter After Dark'. 

The MC, Harley Breen was hilarious and a great host, through le beau really does not approve of a 3yr old (his son) swearing and with that hilarious attitude. 

Starting off we had Asher Treleaven, who claims to look like a Nazi which was amusing, some great stories were told. We love the reactions to scary people, and act of clubbing girls with their sky high heels and hunching as it's cold and they're against using the cloak room (which I can tell yo costs $). He was my favourite act of tonight.

Next we had  Gillian Cosgriff with her many songs, all of which we enjoyed. Amos Gill with his story of why they call him "Shittzy" (he shat in a girl's bag - she was kinda a bitch) and the story of his visit as a 10yr old to the big orange in WA. 

Finishing off was Fiona O’Loughlin, which Fernanado loved. She was hilarious too! Huge family, great stories of the crazy family in particular mother. 

We had a great day + night, I haven't laughed so much in so long (life is just not that funny that many times in a month/s) my jaw actually hurts a bit. But it was totally worth it, 18+ only because of the jokes and language, next time around we must catch on earlier (tonight was the last day/session). I didn't pay for the tickets and we won them ( $35 full, $25 concession (+ transaction fee) but I'm telling you it is worth full price. 

Oh something random, I met a guy I danced with during high school (which suprizes people when I say I did finish it here, as I moved here after middle school). I barely know/remember him but he's a friend of a friend (Toby) who was bffs with Fernando, who he also met today. Short dicussion, was the one who got away (see last wk Sunday's post/para) gay? He thinks no, even though he was the only guy not to dance with me.


So tired, was sick today but went on to work anyway (le beau was going to be there plus I was looking forwards to it). We sold a few brooches, 3 teddy bears and lots of flowers. I bought some and so did le beau & co, he bought a bunch for the classroom, and Helen bought almost trolley's worth to bring to the hospital with her (she's a surgeon).

As I wasn't feeling great (headache) le beau offered to buy me chocolates from koko/lindt as we were already surrounded by a field of daffodils. He's the one. :)

This year's teddy bears remind me of Hector, that outfit minus the 80s accessories

Dave has a present for you!

 Lychee Jelly that failed...  

Home. I repunched all the holes for the papers in the folder from yesterday and skimmed it, oh wow she has covered everything in detail! There's only one thing I'd add atm, a list of cost-cutting/decreasing tips at the end of each topic. e.g. Outfits, buy diamontes from ebay.  

Do you remember two+ weeks ago when I did the flower workshop? Those flowers look almost exactly the same O.o witchcraft! One rose got mouldy grew fur and died, but the rest are perfect still... How do they do that? Shall contact Tillda Flowers to find out! Update: she orders them only as she needs them. I conclude it is witchcraft! 

Nicole Fendel Ring <3

What did you get up to on the weekend? Yes I do realize that's a Q for Mondays.

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