Local Eats - Pizza @ Mother Dough @ Sunday, July 30, 2017

Charlie & Co dined as guests.

In this small town of Hamelin Hawthorn which spans two blocks plus one cafe there's two places when it comes to pizza, though one only does take-away (and pizza by the slices for lunch) while the other is nice and warm inside with plenty of seats! During weekdays it's nice and quiet during lunch. 

For warmer days there's also a courtyard out back. 

Hot Chocolate

Rich and creamy, with chocolate sauce this is a hot chocolate like no other in this town. Everyone else uses a powder. Trust me I've tried most. Bio guy said the drinks here are on par with any cafe and some are even better.

With exposed brick walls there's a rustic feel though fortunately no risk of those old outdoorsy tables where my lace dress was snagged and destroyed (refer to Miss Korea post). Tables are polished and the seats are comfortable.

Pizza Bruschetta

Diced tomato, parmigiano and basil with balsamic vinaigrette 
served on our homemade foccacia mother dough style

A solid starter with a sweet balsamic vinaigrette balancing out sharpness of the parmigiano cheese and adding that perfect balance in flavours. The dough was oh so soft and fluffy that it was just perfect! I have been back to order just this for lunch. 

Homemade Black Angus Wagyu Meatballs
Served in Napoli Sauce with Homemade Focaccia

Hearty and full of flavour this is the perfect winter entree (though you can get it as a main too!). The rosemary adds that special something to compliment the rich tomato sauce which works well with the herb composition and balances the flavours of more than just meatball-ness. Served with a soft pillowy crust (yes the same from the pizza) to mop up the sauces, this is the perfect serving size for an entree. You can order the crust on its own and somehow that's not crazy - I love that!

San Daniele Prosicutto + rocket, shaved parmigiano, fior di latte

The first pizza we tried was the San Daniele Prosicutto. With a tomato base it had all those classic flavours, the soft beautiful cheese, the saltiness of the prosicutto balanced with the freshness of that something green. With a very thin base it was a challenge to pick up and something to be attempted at with a knife and fork. 

I would not recommend these pizzas for a quick takeaway to be consumed on the train!

Il Porcino - truffle paste, porcini mushrooms, speck, smoked scamorza

I absolutely love truffles and mushrooms so this for me was a highlight. Cheese, mushroom, truffle and pizza, what could be more amazing? Bio guy says that speck that adds a little saltiness though still keep a balance between all the elements along with something different in texture.

La Sfiziosa - Napoli, pesto, parmesan, San Daniele prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella

While not as interesting/unique as the other pizzas, paling on comparison but only after that amazing truffle pizza the Sfiziosa still had that perfectly consistent flavour and quality. 

Seafood Hotpot
Variety of seasonal fresh fillet seafood with homemade focaccia 
sculpted to the bowl and risen in our wood fire oven

A showpiece, and one to impress this is the one to get. A herbed seafood mix (the good fresh kind rather than supermarket premix) bio guy felt that the broth didn't do enough for the dish upon which we agreed, though enjoyed. The bread top part was like naan but lighter and crispier without being a cracker!

Homemade Gnocchi Goat Ragu, Oven-baked with Rosemary and White Wine

Ragu is one of my favorite wintery foods and so I had high expectations and this dish didn't disappoint! With slow cooked-like melt in your mouth goat, the buttery pillows of gnocchi with a sprinkling of rosemary this dish was magical! One of the very best gnocchis I've had! A highlight and one of our favorite pasta dishes We're excited about returning for this.

Beetroot Filled Ravioli 
Cooked in a thick gorgonzola, with parmesan, scamorza and asiago

In this dish you couldn't really taste the beetroot under all that beautiful cheese! If you wanted something that's mostly cheese, this is it. Other than seeing the slightly pink colour of the beetroot I didn't taste it.

Nutella Calzone
Nutella filled calzone topped with strawberry & vanilla gelato

A giant bready croissant filled with nutella; drizzled to death with nutella (not that that's possible :P ) with a sprinkling of macerated strawberries, dusted with a light snowfall of icing sugar. It was amazing! The best nutella dessert I've had! If you love bread and chocolate like us, this is for the one for you.

White Chocolate Heaven
Melted Italian white chocolate, sprinkled in oreos & nutella topped with gelato

For ultimate dessert pizza food porn points this is the one. With all my favourite dessert toppings, this was heaven! The best dessert pizza I've ever had, you'd think it might be too sweet but it's actually just right. 

To be shared between 4-6 people, with a scoop of ice cream each. Cookies and cream of course.

Look at that lovely lighting!

Tiramisu - Beautifully presented, creamy goodness. I love tiramisu! 

Of course any Italian place has to have the ultimate Italian dessert with another set of things I love: coffee, chocolate, coffee liquor and cream! Of course there's also lady fingers in there. At this point we were totally stuffed full off pizza and could only manage a spoonful.
To be shared between two (at least).

With warm inviting lighting at night and a quiet place for lunch, quality ingredients and what we reckon is our favourite restaurant in town this is the place to go when you want Italian, and a place to impress your friends! They also have a $15 lunch menu which includes crunchy paninis (I'll link it when it's up).

Our top recommendations? The bruschetta and meatballs, truffle pizza, gnocchi ragu and all the desserts! 

Tip - When ordering sauce-less pasta like the linguine we'd recommend asking for less salt than usual - from past experience. 

Mother Dough Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Phlies @ Phancy Cafe @ Monday, July 10, 2017

Saturday 17th June

This is the post that was a speed up or rather wall for me, and the reason why I'm so behind. Because sometimes things go wrong and scar you for possibly years.

Someone gave me a muffin a month after this ordeal, and I pretty much had to put it through a sieve before I could eat it. Read with caution.

Oh that's an interesting landmark. A Saturday lunch at Phancy Cafe, personally not fond of unique/modern spellings, but given that the owner's name is Phan this is an exception *shrugs*. Located near the markets and residential area it was somewhere people stop after a morning of shopping.  

There were many chalkboards sighted offering a taste of the menu. We came for the Vietnamese lunch menu you see on zomato though it wasn't on offer that day. Or it's out of date sadly.

At 1pm the cafe was empty, but it was filling up fast as we left. 

Matcha Latte $4-5

A milky matcha way less bitter/strong than usual. I like it this way. 
It was the first time the lovely waitress had made it as it wasn't on the menu. 

With all the signage the place reminded me of college cafeterias but nicer. 

Phancy Breakfast $15
Potato rosti top up with homestyle cooked beef mince with a free range 
poached egg, grilled tomato (no thanks) and tomato relish.

Mince beef for pasta, cold mushrooms, mash and relish. It was ordinary. I'd rename this 'Phancy Protein' though it needs something green, spinach? I could have made this, in that it was simple and more like a bunch of ingredients sitting together rather than a dish. Perhaps served as a big breakfast with the elements sitting not on top of each other it might be different.

One Huge Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffin 

We left at 1.45 when it was getting busy. Running. A series of questionable decisions regarding time management as we were on our way to a concert. On the way out we grabbed a muffin for later.

The size of a large orange with a crispy top it was like no muffin I've had or will have ever again as I would find out later on.

Is that a leg or a herb?! Why is there a herb in my muffin?! Oh gawd on further inspection there is a fly's leg in my muffin!!! *internal screaming* If this is the leg, where is the rest?!!

I haven't been near a muffin since and people I confided in (not H obviously, but bio guy) are still making jokes about me! The thought of muffins makes me gag. 

An average cafe with average prices. Not trendy. With the survival of the most trendy/pretty I have no idea how they're still open.

Service was very friendly and fast.

Though I would never recommend Phancy or go here ever again.

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Thursday 15th June

Early mornings call for a hot drink, and perhaps not bubble cup this early. With meetings in Glenferrie we settled upon a small corner cafe opposite town hall, with views of the clock tower. Esp Bar.

Dirty tables and glasses at 9am, not a good sign. At least it was nice and warm inside.

There were sandwiches, rolls and cakes in the display though they didn't seem that appealing. And I wasn't in the mood for food *gasp I know!*

Belgium hot chocolate made with chocolate was more like it!

Belgium Hot Chocolate $3.70 

It was smooth and creamy and chocolate, just perfect! Not as rich as Lindt, lighter and at a reasonable price too! 

In the background bio guy eats an entire bag of kisses, he is a pretty simple guy who is motivated only by two things, one of them being food. *sigh*

The view from the perfect corner seat!

Service was friendly with no card min.

This is our local meeting place when we come to Glenferrie. I always order the hot chocolate. It's nice and quite, busy though not as noisy as Rustica down the road.

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The Bay in Mordialloc @ Saturday, July 08, 2017

Tuesday 13th June

This Tuesday finishing work at 4pm, and after a nap we took a 40mins trip to dinner at The Bay in Mordialloc,  a beach city town far far away. That's 40mins from the city - not from where are are to Mordialloc.

A cornerside pub, we had the best seat in  the house with the best lighting in the corner. Arriving at 8.50 on a Parma Tuesday the kitchen closes at 9pm, and the place at 10pm. 

It was warm inside with great lighting, though not as bright as Myer where we required sunglasses to stroll through the beauty department.

Round the world in 8 Parmas. All served with chips and salad $15

Only on Mondays & Tuesdays - that's a pretty good deal!

Parmesan and Truffle Fries $12

We started with paramasen truffle chips to share, a huge serving. 
I wished the waitress had said the parma also comes with chips!

Mexican Parma $15

Corn chips, salsa, sour cream, guacamole & mozzarella

Bio guy had the mex param, for it was $15 parma night with eight different choices. It was huge! But didn't lack quality.  Salsa and sour cream, unexpectedly twist on classic. The garden salad, pickled red onion added sweeteness and created a well rounded salad. Simple, boring good. Right up there with the best of them. Would definitely return on parma night! - Said he.

Baked Gnocchi - Baby bocconcini, salsa verde, swiss brown mushrooms, napoli $22

I had the gnocchi, which was very tomatoy, been tomato based. More suited to a be a sharing dish to be served with bread. Overwhelming. Not your typical gnocchi serving size. I ate 1/4 of this (because I was almost full from the chips alone... bad choice of entree there). Lacked texture other than being just soft. Crotons on top would have been good. Also an egg since it's baked.

Spanish sherry poached pear, pistachio crumble, & vanilla ice cream $10

Poached pear, Gaytime crumble but less oily with vanilla ice cream. Yes I know the description says pistachio but it didn't taste like that. The pear was soft and well poached in the sherry. This truly was my highlight of our visit! If you visit do get this.

Service was fast and friendly

Note - They don't do takeaway, how odd...

Will we be back? Yes! For param night!

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