Up North - Black Waffle Gelato @ Monday, July 31, 2017

Saturday 8th July

A neighbour told us about her friend's ice cream shop a while ago, and one day we came across a groupon, two scoops for $3.50 which was a pretty good deal. Add a free night and adventure seeking we ventured up far north to Northcote to the main street. It only took a couple months, but we made it!

This was one big shop! Not very space efficient in design with seats in the back. 

Along with ice cream it's a cafe that sells coffee, and cakes. 
$5 a scoop seems to be the standard these days.

Cakes, slices and tarts.

There's limited flavours (onlyy 12), half were vegan water based sorbets though there's a rotation on the flavours. In a hipster friendly area they were vegan labels which I admit are a repentant to me. We all know that sorbets are waterbased, a (v) is fine, but the whole word idk, might need to get a steak after this. XD

Bio guy had the chocolate and salted caramel. No tasting required, he's a simply guy with simple tastes. The salted caramel was pretty good, sweet and tangy he says. 

That's one thick leakproof waffle cone! I can't tell where the cone ends and serviette starts though...

Meanwhile I liked the idea of breno but the waffle fragments were stale... What if they used those crispy pearls instead? The second scoops I had was pistachio which was awesome! Creamy, smooth and real.

In the fridge there were some cakes, perfect size for a couple people.

Seats in the back. There was almost no deco except for a few plants and very yellow sign. 
A tv provided atmosphere? The lighting was very bright and not quite right...

That is one cool sign!

As we were leaving a bit after 8pm, that's when the crowds arrived.

Good gelato (not the Ferrero Rocher) at standard prices. 

262 High Street, Northcote
Monday to Thursday 9am–10pm, 
Friday to Sunday 9am–11.30pm. 

Black Waffle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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