Tiffany & Mocha's Exploring Adventures @ Friday, August 29, 2014

Tuesday 19th August

Won tickets for a wedding workshop today, worth $450 (bride +1) weddings are great till you look at everything and see it as how much you spent on it. e.g. rose petals you're trotting on down the isle = shredded money. 

I made a delicious lemonade - but more importantly it worked! Oh and I carried it all the way through and didn't abandon it. :) So the lemonade (I drunk like 1L incl. water) makes my gums ache - so don't drink too much! Also in there was 500g of sugar! 


I don't know how it happened, I was holding it at the station and yet when I went to touch off it said declined! Today was an average day, we went to class, got test results (6.5/10!) not everyone passed, and went home. Oh and we may have stopped for a $2 snack of french fries and apple pie at McD... Spent 45mins waiting for the train, alternative services for the month on weekdays. :( 


We made it to class! That's a huge diff to we made it through class though, to which I did not as 2/3 through I took a nap, yes at my desk.

In the afternoon I was going to do some shopping and then do lots of work. Productivity! Unfortunately that did not happen. Instead we went exploring. Yay! There's a park nearby that A. and I were going to go for a walk in (years ago) that never happened, so I never went there. Through today we decided to be spontaneous and explore the park to discover a duck pond! It looks like something from the city gardens, would be a fun place to do a photoshoot.

We also found two condom wrappers... it was a relatively secluded area where there's a med/low chance of being caught doing it. - No we shall not be doing it here. :P - 

There were lots of ducks, two that were a couple one being your classic fairytale duck, white with a yellow beak. None of the others looked like that, they were all brown with a emerald green feather, you wild duck. There was even a stalk, super tall and white, though we couldn't get close for a picture.  

Despite being in Carnegie I had already made dinner plans so sadly couldn't stop by Shyun, we haven't been there in a while as we're only in the city. Shall plan more adventures and check out places not in the city. 

Dinner at Ali Baba, it was average. For $6 a good deal, but not something I'd buy or recommend. Too much filler and not enough meat. 

Stopped by Mocha with Lily, and they had cupcakes! Oh wow they were amazing! The best cupcakes I have ever had - and I'm a cupcake person. These ones are from Cafe Claremont on Station Street, Malvern. Sadly a bunch place, and therefore had to get to for us. 

Skip to Saturday night, well after midnight and Andy (my older brother) got me a ring from Mocha! The 'Alchemist Heart Ring' ($100) by Nicole Fendel. I'm not a ring person but I really like it. I have difficulties making decisions so my style can be hard to describe unless you separate my different personalities. But my beau defines my jewelry style as small beautiful delicate things like this ring. What's the occasion? Hmm... my ability and crazy determination and focus "eyes on the prize"?   


Afternoon tea with Lily, as apologies for not being able to make it to a wedding workshop with me tomorrow. I supplied the lemonade and she the eclairs.

There was a sale on stockings, so naturally we may have bought 15 pairs...

And not on sale was some florist tape from a local seller/dealer (via ebay). Yes though flowers are magical and have lasted abnormally long. I'm absolutely amazed... It must be... witchcraft!

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