Be Right Back @ Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Two weeks of projects due is why I've been absent lately, but we have many things to look forwards to when I get back in a week or so including... 

  • Nuts About Coffee - Cafe Review (Revisited)
  • Bentos Irodori House - Japanese
  • Bay City Burritos - Mexican
  • Chadstone’s Race Day Ready Workshop Seminar & A Day at Flemington
  • 'Beautiful You' Expo - Hmm... what they're selling is the after, not the before...
  • Mexican Festival - Yay! Mexican food! 
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily (x) The Body Shop Beauty Event
  • Hero's (Subs) Summer Menu Tasting

Lost in Austen @ Sunday, September 14, 2014

Can we keep him?! Can we?!
No darling, Mr Bingely is not a pet.
Are you sure? I do think he's a most adorable puppy!

It's just the character we're into, like Norington. 

This week's movie is 'Lost in Austen'. We always (for some odd reason) look forwards to meeting Mr Bingley who is either a. very gay b. high or c. secretly an adorable puppy. At the end we conclude that he is a puppy, one who spends most of the movie/series as an alcoholic, until the last 10 minutes where he and Jane get to together and sail to the 'New Found Land'. Guess where that is? :P  

Does anyone else suspect Bingely of being a mouth breather after that clip? O.o

I can't be the only person who doesn't understand the r'ship between the two main characters, can I? So they hate each other but then suddenly like each other after Darcy does something for Lydia? That's the original story, in this one Amanda & Darcy just find each other interested and therefore entwined in each others' lives. 

My favourite character is not Bingely in this version, but George Wickham, you'll see why. 

There's so hilarious twists, Caroline Bingley is not actually into Darcy, she's just wants them to be together because they look good together and it's what society expects. We also quite like (Lord Graham) Mr Bennett. Caroline is an amazing singer, she sings Mozart (in the book) but really it's all miming. :( 

Evening Performances - Hope you can play and sing!
Would you say a gentleman never slouches?

I wonder if Mr Darcy has a certain hairstyle in the book (will look this up later). While we're certain Mr Collins is a creep, more than in the book. He's quite entertaining constantly kissing up to Lady Catherine even when she's not there. 

Brushing your teeth in the Regency Era, will require a stick, a block of salt (?) and chalk. We're talked about how awesome it would be to live in Victorian England, but we all know we'd get killed off by death & disease very fast. 

I'd love to go for a ball! What do we think of Regency Dances? I think I prefer something with more passion. For that scene, and any dancing party scene everyone has an earpiece with the music, the room is actually silent to get all the layers of sound. It's quite amazing. 

The story is about time travel, Amanda who lives in present day London who finds a (one-way for her) door in the bathroom, and swaps places with Elizabeth Bennett. In Austenland she tries to get to the story to go the way it was written though not everything goes to plan. Especially when Bingley (who she calls Bingers, that sounds awful!) sets his sights on her instead of Jane. Still Jane is very pretty, she always is.

The Bennet Sisters - Lizzy  

The language, oh wow Amanda makes me dislike the accent (though I've never had a thing for any accent) though it could be just the way she says it. Like when she says she needs a 'fag', a what? it means ciggy. I do love the very colourful language of Austen though, especially with Bingley who is almost never at a lose for words (except when Amanda says she's a lesbian). And I like how direct he is, he sees her, he likes her, and with their second encounter he tells her (though she did stick her tongue down his throat on their first encounter...). 

Amanda brings with her lipgloss and mascara/eyeliner, that eye make-up looks fantastic especially highlighted as no one else is wearing it. 

The Bennet Women + Amanda + Wickham. I do love bonnets!

I'd absolutely love to be an extra in this. Or any historical series, like the Tutors or Merlin, though I wouldn't want to be a peasant. I do hope one year we'll do something in theatre that's set in perhaps Georgian England. 

Behind the scenes, guys get their hair done too :P. The girls' hair is absolutely amazing, especially Caroline Bingely and Mrs Bennett, so many curls and elaborate styles for the prior. Georgian Ringlets. How would they do their hair back then? With no hot irons would you use coal or something?

Mrs Bennet is quite an amusing highly active character with her nerves.

The Guys

Have you seen 'Lost in Austen'? I do love historical dramas!  

Thursday night we got lost walking on the wrong side of the dock hence got to the event later then planned. But it was a nice walk, so quiet being out of the cbd, with less bright lights and it was lovely by the water, wished le beau was with me. 

Are we meant to walk down the middle or in the side? There was no signs on the ground, and so taking pictures we nearly got hit by a cyclist. But this is a good picture...

The Venue. 

As part of MSFW (Melb Spring Fashion Week) Adair Boutique (Adair, not Adairs - that's a furniture shop with an odd marketing strategy) in collaboration with fashion illustrator Alex Newton, created a runway event featuring Spring/Summer collections from rousing and ultra-stylish designer labels Talulah, Bebe Sydney and Ruby Sees All.   

Doors opened at 6pm though the event started a bit after 7.30pm. Coming early gives you a chance to mingle with the other media people - and there were a few on their own and happy to chat, including David, (who I think everyone knows, ok maybe just the pagent world).

Alex Newton's illustrations were featured around the venue space. 
These are a few of my favourite works by Newton.

Audrey x Carrie Bradshaw.

Canapes floated around, there was something with pea and beans, miniture san choi bow, and calimari - we're coming back for that. This one which is a slice of toasted baguette with mashed peas and baked beans. I'd love to buy a plate of assorted canapes just for one.

The Bar. I had difficulty finding the straws as they were black instead of fun striped paper ones. 

Hopefully this one is on the menu, I think it's the 'salt & pepper squid with soy & sesame (to dip) ($15)'. With soft/dim (for the camera) lighting, and a DJ that wasn't too loud, it was perfect for a girls' night out. There was only one thing missing - a cloak room.

Soon the music paused and Candy Hertz (yes this is her real name) introduced the two ladies behind the event, and there was a runway show with the latest Spring/Summer collections from 'Talulah', 'BebeSydney' and 'Ruby Sees All'.

These are some of my favourite designs. 

Monochrome is always a good idea and will never go out of fashion.

Spring means less black more fun patterns and lots of white. 

Normally there's a break between each label/collection and the host introduces the next set. Oddly that didn't happen and all three labels were presented as one. The show was also a lot shorter than expectected and ended at 8pm, while the venue closed at 10pm. I suppose this gives you more time with your friends and have a few more drinks.

For more pictures by David click here, and to purchase anything in the pictures click here.  

First 50 to arrive got goodie bags, which for the first time in forever didn't include us as we got lost (we were 1st for an event/thing last week though). But I did catch up with Miss WT who did get one, here's what was inside it. The three products are: lip gloss/shimmer, one from MOR Cosmetics and bracelet by Nicole Fendel. There was also a voucher from Adair not pictured. 

 Did you go to any MSFW events?

QV Spring Pop-Up - Hideaway @ Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Every season QV has a new pop-up theme in the courtyard, this Spring it's a Scandinavian-ish theme, with an enchanted tree, emphasis on natural materials and a giant nest. There's lot of workshops and always a place to get your coffee fix. 

The manager (I think) of the cafe/area was very friendly. If they have good hot chocolate we'll definately come back another day. Though it is a bit breezy in there. Missing the beach/tropical theme - it was summer in there! And winter outside.    

 It's tulip season! Yes there is only two mirrors, I'd add a third mirror (3 looks better than 2).

The Space - Lots of potential for night events with fairy lights.

The 'Enchanted Tree' that changes daily, the deco on/hanging from the tree that is.

The bird's nest is cool but I would made it a cushioned area, or like a lounge instead of cubed seats. This would be a great setting to take some faerie/pixie pictures.

Open everyday till 10-5pm until 21st September. 

Have you been to QV recently?

Satin & Sequins on Stage @ Monday, September 08, 2014

Monday 1st September

A very sick day. Brown boxes with messages in vials, tied up with kraft paper and string. 


We missed psych :( but made it for the night class. Excited about Halloween but also dreading it as it marks the start of exams here. 

Dinner was milk and strawberries, and a spinach & ricotta pastry, oh and 3 cookies (though those were more like snacks). We have to start light & easy soon!

On another night we had PB TimTams, they were ok but honestly I didn't like it. We love salted caramel, white choc raspberry and the doubled coated one, oh and the mint and rum & raisin.


Feeling like I didn't sleep last night... we made it to class. And along the way shopped over the phone. It is a wonderful thing when money can buy stuff - I've passed events where money can't buy whatever is in offer. That does not sit well with me. 

So I had a presentation today but missed the email! By that I mean I read it, but not the attachment, which is where the info was.

Lunch, a baguette and two delicious jam doughnuts from 'Olympic Doughnuts'. Through all the years I've been in this area I've never tried them (last time, missing jam didn't count). They're delivered warm and with a drop of jam - which is perfect to me. And only 80c each! I thought they would be $1.20 or so. But do not it's more like fried dough with jam rather than your typical jam doughnut from say Walkers. 

Once a year during September, the first Thursday Priceline (just that one city store) has event on. It was 5pm then moved to 12pm, so I couldn't go, and then moved to 11am but only those who called up would know. I got a (show)goodie bag! Others got them for free (or so they say, pretty sure it's for a donation) but I secured mine using a different technique, which le beau is not proud of and yet would have done the same to avoid going to the event with me. :P 

Oh and a note here is that you got to know about the details *hint hint* of the event to well know it's on. It's not publicly announced, because that would create too much demand and not enough supply. 

This year the bag was different, instead of being lots of samples there was one main product, lashes, two pencils (eye, lips), nail product and a few other small things. The main product was a 'Vidal Sassoon VSP98A Goddess Waves Styler' RRP $93 from their website or $36 from The Good Guys though that is on clearance sale, old model? 

While I did want to try the nail strengthener it has some formaldehyde in it. At high concentrations it is know to be a carcinogen (causes cancer). Not going to risk it. 

We missed the event last year because I had an events class (my major) and couldn't miss it, but you can read about it here I really regret not going as I bought lots of 'People for Plants' products. That goodie box was in addition to the normal bag.

Is it just me or do they have less events that usual for '30 Days of Fashion & Beauty'? Normally have they the beauty/fashion magazine editors host talks and tips. But not this year? Also I feel as though this is more of a Sydney event to go with their Vouge Shopping Night, meanwhile we have spring fashion week.

I love perfume bottles, I'd love to buy this one and the original - just for the bottle.

We went back to check out that gold fish scales dress, it's $200 with reversible sequins.

Onto QV to check out their latest space, third theme was 'Enchanted Tree'.

Ice Cream! We had Movenpick's tiramisu & white chocolate is great. Though it's $$, this is $8 (I paid $4 with a group deal) it's two scoops with choc & coffee sauce. And it was everywhere... I prefer my ice cream in the cup rather than on the rim half in half out. I regret not going for the cone.

Adairs Runway

Story of why we don't got to fashion week events at town hall.



We are up for trying new things, like fashion shows. This week's event was dressing models, there are wedding dresses with a gazillion buttons and dresses that are tight with no zips. Also there's no chance of going to the bathroom in that, fishtail dresses don't even lift that high. 

Modeling is only glamorous on the runway, but backstage there's a lot of waiting time, and running around in nude underwear. A couple of the girls were nice. I saw someone I knew and said hi though she either didn't see me down here (yes I am short), didn't recognize me without my auburn brown hair (I like wigs, and have a couple in different colours), that or she ignored me...

Dinner was scattered and unplanned, 2 rolls of sushi, french fries, a filet-o-fish, a muffin and a sandwich... Next time we shall go earlier and have time to go to one restaurant and not have it on the go. 

Before work we went shopping and I found (ok I had it on hold and just came to pick it up) something I wanted that was $60 down to $5! Now all I need is to find bk matching underwear with sequins.

After work we went to 'Eve' with people from work, got free entry and a free drink. The floor, part of it was carpeted and very sticky with spilled drinks and gum. The music was loud and you could feel it (and I don't that in the same way that you feel the beat in ballroom). When I go out I prefer jazz clubs or a place with a string quartet, somewhere Cole Porter or Sinatra would perform at.

Outfit if the day, paired with fishnets and stilettos (ok that lasted about 15mins).

Recently bought this dress, it's cheap and look it, looks like Cotton On Crap. Also the glitter bra-ish part doesn't hold up by itself, as it's padded slightly and floppy. The sequins are pretty, but this dress is very body hugging like a swim suit but a couple inches longer.

I really like this dress on the left but $30 shipping killed it. Top right is nice to but I don't have umm... the bust for it to work. Bottom right is the ebay dress I bought and now am re-listing or saving it till I loose that 10kgs.

Have you found any amazing dresses, but the shipping was just too much?

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