Lost in Austen @ Sunday, September 14, 2014

Can we keep him?! Can we?!
No darling, Mr Bingely is not a pet.
Are you sure? I do think he's a most adorable puppy!

It's just the character we're into, like Norington. 

This week's movie is 'Lost in Austen'. We always (for some odd reason) look forwards to meeting Mr Bingley who is either a. very gay b. high or c. secretly an adorable puppy. At the end we conclude that he is a puppy, one who spends most of the movie/series as an alcoholic, until the last 10 minutes where he and Jane get to together and sail to the 'New Found Land'. Guess where that is? :P  

Does anyone else suspect Bingely of being a mouth breather after that clip? O.o

I can't be the only person who doesn't understand the r'ship between the two main characters, can I? So they hate each other but then suddenly like each other after Darcy does something for Lydia? That's the original story, in this one Amanda & Darcy just find each other interested and therefore entwined in each others' lives. 

My favourite character is not Bingely in this version, but George Wickham, you'll see why. 

There's so hilarious twists, Caroline Bingley is not actually into Darcy, she's just wants them to be together because they look good together and it's what society expects. We also quite like (Lord Graham) Mr Bennett. Caroline is an amazing singer, she sings Mozart (in the book) but really it's all miming. :( 

Evening Performances - Hope you can play and sing!
Would you say a gentleman never slouches?

I wonder if Mr Darcy has a certain hairstyle in the book (will look this up later). While we're certain Mr Collins is a creep, more than in the book. He's quite entertaining constantly kissing up to Lady Catherine even when she's not there. 

Brushing your teeth in the Regency Era, will require a stick, a block of salt (?) and chalk. We're talked about how awesome it would be to live in Victorian England, but we all know we'd get killed off by death & disease very fast. 

I'd love to go for a ball! What do we think of Regency Dances? I think I prefer something with more passion. For that scene, and any dancing party scene everyone has an earpiece with the music, the room is actually silent to get all the layers of sound. It's quite amazing. 

The story is about time travel, Amanda who lives in present day London who finds a (one-way for her) door in the bathroom, and swaps places with Elizabeth Bennett. In Austenland she tries to get to the story to go the way it was written though not everything goes to plan. Especially when Bingley (who she calls Bingers, that sounds awful!) sets his sights on her instead of Jane. Still Jane is very pretty, she always is.

The Bennet Sisters - Lizzy  

The language, oh wow Amanda makes me dislike the accent (though I've never had a thing for any accent) though it could be just the way she says it. Like when she says she needs a 'fag', a what? it means ciggy. I do love the very colourful language of Austen though, especially with Bingley who is almost never at a lose for words (except when Amanda says she's a lesbian). And I like how direct he is, he sees her, he likes her, and with their second encounter he tells her (though she did stick her tongue down his throat on their first encounter...). 

Amanda brings with her lipgloss and mascara/eyeliner, that eye make-up looks fantastic especially highlighted as no one else is wearing it. 

The Bennet Women + Amanda + Wickham. I do love bonnets!

I'd absolutely love to be an extra in this. Or any historical series, like the Tutors or Merlin, though I wouldn't want to be a peasant. I do hope one year we'll do something in theatre that's set in perhaps Georgian England. 

Behind the scenes, guys get their hair done too :P. The girls' hair is absolutely amazing, especially Caroline Bingely and Mrs Bennett, so many curls and elaborate styles for the prior. Georgian Ringlets. How would they do their hair back then? With no hot irons would you use coal or something?

Mrs Bennet is quite an amusing highly active character with her nerves.

The Guys

Have you seen 'Lost in Austen'? I do love historical dramas!  

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