Thursday night we got lost walking on the wrong side of the dock hence got to the event later then planned. But it was a nice walk, so quiet being out of the cbd, with less bright lights and it was lovely by the water, wished le beau was with me. 

Are we meant to walk down the middle or in the side? There was no signs on the ground, and so taking pictures we nearly got hit by a cyclist. But this is a good picture...

The Venue. 

As part of MSFW (Melb Spring Fashion Week) Adair Boutique (Adair, not Adairs - that's a furniture shop with an odd marketing strategy) in collaboration with fashion illustrator Alex Newton, created a runway event featuring Spring/Summer collections from rousing and ultra-stylish designer labels Talulah, Bebe Sydney and Ruby Sees All.   

Doors opened at 6pm though the event started a bit after 7.30pm. Coming early gives you a chance to mingle with the other media people - and there were a few on their own and happy to chat, including David, (who I think everyone knows, ok maybe just the pagent world).

Alex Newton's illustrations were featured around the venue space. 
These are a few of my favourite works by Newton.

Audrey x Carrie Bradshaw.

Canapes floated around, there was something with pea and beans, miniture san choi bow, and calimari - we're coming back for that. This one which is a slice of toasted baguette with mashed peas and baked beans. I'd love to buy a plate of assorted canapes just for one.

The Bar. I had difficulty finding the straws as they were black instead of fun striped paper ones. 

Hopefully this one is on the menu, I think it's the 'salt & pepper squid with soy & sesame (to dip) ($15)'. With soft/dim (for the camera) lighting, and a DJ that wasn't too loud, it was perfect for a girls' night out. There was only one thing missing - a cloak room.

Soon the music paused and Candy Hertz (yes this is her real name) introduced the two ladies behind the event, and there was a runway show with the latest Spring/Summer collections from 'Talulah', 'BebeSydney' and 'Ruby Sees All'.

These are some of my favourite designs. 

Monochrome is always a good idea and will never go out of fashion.

Spring means less black more fun patterns and lots of white. 

Normally there's a break between each label/collection and the host introduces the next set. Oddly that didn't happen and all three labels were presented as one. The show was also a lot shorter than expectected and ended at 8pm, while the venue closed at 10pm. I suppose this gives you more time with your friends and have a few more drinks.

For more pictures by David click here, and to purchase anything in the pictures click here.  

First 50 to arrive got goodie bags, which for the first time in forever didn't include us as we got lost (we were 1st for an event/thing last week though). But I did catch up with Miss WT who did get one, here's what was inside it. The three products are: lip gloss/shimmer, one from MOR Cosmetics and bracelet by Nicole Fendel. There was also a voucher from Adair not pictured. 

 Did you go to any MSFW events?

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