QV Spring Pop-Up - Hideaway @ Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Every season QV has a new pop-up theme in the courtyard, this Spring it's a Scandinavian-ish theme, with an enchanted tree, emphasis on natural materials and a giant nest. There's lot of workshops and always a place to get your coffee fix. 

The manager (I think) of the cafe/area was very friendly. If they have good hot chocolate we'll definately come back another day. Though it is a bit breezy in there. Missing the beach/tropical theme - it was summer in there! And winter outside.    

 It's tulip season! Yes there is only two mirrors, I'd add a third mirror (3 looks better than 2).

The Space - Lots of potential for night events with fairy lights.

The 'Enchanted Tree' that changes daily, the deco on/hanging from the tree that is.

The bird's nest is cool but I would made it a cushioned area, or like a lounge instead of cubed seats. This would be a great setting to take some faerie/pixie pictures.

Open everyday till 10-5pm until 21st September. 

Have you been to QV recently?

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