A Day at the Races @ Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday 13th September

The day started with filling out a police report hence we were late for the seminar (Chadstone’s Race Day Ready Workshops) it's only a workshop if it's hands-on, but no one will go to a seminar on a weekend. Drinks and a cupcake. :) Chocolate Fudge with Vanilla Bean. The goodie bags were '60 Second Fix gift pack from Crabtree & Evelyn'. Jas didn't get one cause the woman in front of him pinched it (yes while he was there), and he wasn't assertive enough and I wasn't there. This is proof that nice guys do come last. 

This looks nice, as soon as I find a pink grapefruit we shall make it.

Diva is gone, in their place they've well kept their name and now sell party products. But that has also failed and they're closing down.

Lunch at Shyun, who does the best Japanese food. 

We've recently discovered another seating area out back. 

Miso katsu (fried chicken) I love, but not without rice.

We both got the deluxe bento. The deep fried onion & veggies are a bit much.

Next we went to Flemington for the 'Sofitel Girls' Day Out' plenty of men there, it was more of a family day. I have never been to the races before as I honestly don't care for them and don't understand them. 

Marketing Project - Why do people go to the races?

Jas says it's a social thing where people get together, women chat and men drink, a few people actually watch the races. We did see some 'How to Train Your Dragon' costumes around though they were finishing up and I didn't realize it so didn't get pictures. 

There was a few kid's activties like the giant slide, mini golf and pony rides. The last was tempting though we always have the fear of becoming a paraplegic. 

Waited 30mins and actually got my nails done this time. :P I got roses, much more simple that it looked but I still like it. Unlike the reaction I had to the acetone/nail polish where my nailbeds when red, but didn't hurt. 

 I love this picture...

Afternoon tea we went to LuxBite but they were sold out of the Bananoffee, 
so we went to B&P (Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio).

We'll try this next time.

 I had the 'Chocolate, Coconut & Lime' ($9) starting from the bottom it was a chocolate orange crumb (think crushed cookies) with a nice tangy layer if coconut & lime cream, with coconut mousse. In the mousse layer there was a semisphere of lime jelly and coconut jelly. The creation was then topped with a semisphere (half a sphere) of white chocolate and coconut chantilly. It was very good and I would reccomend it. Though I would love to recreate it at home.

Meanwhile jas had the '(Version 2.1) Pistachio, Green Tea, Yuzu, Blackcurrant, White Chocolate' pistachio cake| yuzu curd | blackcurrant cream | green tea sponge | green tea cream | yuzu jelly | white chocolate mousse. Great pick, I'd just that next time. :)

We also started a strawberry meringue ($5) which was ok, not as nice as the yellow citrus one, as this one tasted fake strawberry which was disappointing.  

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