Bay City Burritos @ Friday, October 10, 2014

Bay City Burritos. I love Mexican food! 

We had difficulties ordering, well with communication. The girl serving us is very quiet, you need to speak up I can't hear you. Nor can I read the flavours of soda in the fridge, or hear you from back there mumbling. Fortunately the manager stepped in and took our order. She was nice and loud, and American. 

 There's communal tables, a bar and tables for four. 

I ordered the sampler basket which consisted of a small chicken burrito, a beef taco and corn chips with salsa ($17) and a Mandarin Soda ($4).

Fish Taco $7.70 - Grilled strips of seasoned fish, fresh cabbage slaw, 
chipotle dressing & pineapple salsa in grilled corn tortillas

The fish taco was good, but nothing amazing. I prefer Fonda's. I do like that it had lots of fillings, but that also made it difficult to eat neatly. Buy again? No. Reccomend? No. That and it's the most expensive taco I've had, and you need at least 3 for a meal. 

Meanwhile jas had the beef he liked and would buy again though not recommend for it had raw onions which not everyone likes. He also consumed too fast for me to get a picture of, and a huge burrito, the 'Bay City Bomber' ($18).

How to eat a burrito neatly? Don't unwrap the whole thing. Unwrap it bit by bit. By the end he ended up with sauces dipping down his hand and eating it from the basket it was served in with a fork.

Meanwhile on the other side I may have accidently ate some foil (this is very I'm very suspicious of gold foil in desserts) and decided to eat the fillings only, and use the wrap to contain it. I didn't like it, the flavours were too bland, black beans too soft. And the chicken tasted just like that kabab place, low quality. It tasted like I made it - not a compliment as I'm a two trick pony (omlette & cupcakes). This could be the worst burrito I've had, but at least it didn't fall apart. 

We were disspointed that they didn't have char-grilled corn on the cob, as we both love that. Fonda was good, but Mamasita was great. 

As mexican's a messy business it would be great if they had wetwipes or towelette like KFC.

Bathrooms were new (they had a Dyson hand dryer) and clean but required a code to get into. I discovered this as I couldn't open the door, at first I thought it was just me. If you need a code it should be on the door, otherwise how are we to know?

In one word the place was average. Would we return? No. Reccomend it? No. 

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