Irodori House - Japanese @ Thursday, October 09, 2014

We discovered this place a few weeks/months ago and wanted to come back for the $20 set dinner, though either of us live remotely near Box Hill, so it has yet to happen. But one day I had a meeting nearby and decided to check it out.

A small restaurant it was dimly lit (no for pictures, yes for atmosphere) and was like something from Avatar, a restaurant where Team Avatar would have dined - but it would much louder and with jazz music. 

Miso Soup - A Bit Salty...

I had high expectation though sadly it was average. And I really didn't like the edaema beans which I didn't touch as they were covered in pepper. We had the teriyaki salmon, generous servings with a nice fresh salad and kelpie mayo, but the fish was not marinated enough.

Will we be back? Yes as I'm hoping to order the $20 dinner set (which I don't recall seeing on the menu) which everyone raves about. Hopefully it's very different from the bento. 

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