Mexcian Festival @ Fed Square @ Monday, October 13, 2014

Skipped lunch as we didn't have time, and we went to the Mexican Festival, where there was many food stalls, kid's activities and entertainment. Met some cool people. Am I the only one who doesn't speak Spanish? No, but we were the minority.

Le beau & I in collaboration made this, well started it. 

Sadly most place I wanted to eat at were sold out by the time I finished work. :( But the ice cream was $4 when I started and $3 when I finished. I've also seen it for $6 at another event.

I do like Mexican food, but I think it used to be cheaper, but being popular increased prices. And I do wonder if they have dessert? 

Le beau came upon this and sent it to me. Did they really dress like that in the 20s?

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