Midori's Sushi & Nuts About Coffee @ Wednesday, October 08, 2014


Hand roll at Midori's which was very popular during lunch. At $3 they have the most expensive sushi rolls (my regular place is $2, normally it's $2.80 in the city). They offered to cut it up for me, which was great. We had the teriyaki chicken which was very good, though I'm iffy about buying sushi for $3 a roll. Great service too.

Located around the corner from the station is this very popular lunch spot.

There's sushi, rice dishes and noodle dishes.

And the most expensive sushi I have ever seen for white rice. 

Yasmine highly recommends their sauce though she has not being to 'Purple Peanuts'.

The restaurant is quite small, as it's a family business named after one of the owners, who are Japanese. You can order sushi in the thingy or get a custom as I did/do.

Will we be back? Probably not. 

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Nuts About Coffee

I do not like coffee, and drink it purely for function and not taste. But Jane had a hot chocolate which she enjoyed, and I shall try next time. All hot drinks come with a nutty sweet homemade muesli-ish bar which I always enjoy.

This place can make a coffee in 2 minutes flat - being opposite the station people do request that. Express orders. But otherwise it's a lovely little cafe to hang out and they have free wifi too. And great natural lighting for your pictures, but also a cozy warmly lit spot in the back.

Since they opened 4yrs ago they have altered the  deco (I don't like the tvs...) and no longer offer healthy products they once sold (link for a past visit here) the prices have always been the same - $3 for a small coffee. And it still comes with great service. :)

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