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We shall start with saying and are not related. The first is, well, a stick you can attach your phone to take a selfie that comes from the USA. No comment. The later is photo magnets from England, which is the one we're looking at in this review. 

Magnets are awesome, you can stick them on the fridge at home 
on the whiteboard at work or carry them around in a metal box.  

Does anyone else remember these metal tin pencil boxes? They were very popular when I was little, we'd DIY stick magnets and trade them. Well everyone else traded them, I'm pretty sure I just collected them. Should make a note here that those fancy 3D glossy scrapbook stickers don't tend to stick very well to magnets. 

The latest version of fun magnets (potentially trade-able) are sticker magnets by PicStick, which are very easy to make. You just upload, crop (if you want to) and add them to your sheet of nine. Uploading options can be seen below. I'd add insert via url and instagram upload. 

I would have thought the magnets would have been squares with the rise of instagram, but alas they are landscape like my dslr takes, which I prefer. At the moment there is no square option but we hope they'll add that soon. Best to use high resolution pictures.

When you're done selecting your nine pictures add it to basket and check out, there are three cards you can use and paypal - which is great because I'm iffy about using my cc online.

Prices, £9.50/$15 for a sheet of 9 delivered. Works out to be $1.66 per magnet. 

Ordered 21st Sept (Online)
Sent 24th Sept (England)
Received 2nd Oct (Australia, 9 Days for Delivery)

Delivery was quite fast for something that came from England. Now that I think of it I don't think I have ever had mail from England. The magnets were enclosed in a high quality envelop. It comes as one sheet and all you have to do is fold/bend it a little and rip them along perforated edges. They are quite strong - this is a good thing, as I'm accident prone. 

Details, each individual photo magnet is glossy, 50x65mm and 0.75mm thick.

These would make a great gift, as part of a going away present or end of year present to capture the highlights of the year. Another idea would be to have 9 profile pictures of your friends, sort of like driver's license pictures on a murder board - but hopefully on your whiteboard or fridge. I see this being popular with having family pictures on your whiteboard in your office at work. Practical and pretty.

Picsticks are offering readers a 25% discount code (CURIOUS25). 

Click here to get started.

Did you ever make sticker magnets when they were popular?

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