Sunday 14th September

That's how a guy talks to me when he wants to sell me something or he's the security guy outside a strip (or pole dance) club I regularly walk past. :P There's also a side door for staff entry, they enter as normal people and emerge on stage looking very different. 

Sunday started early, with a trip to 'Beautiful You' expo. It's about selling you shit you don't need (mainly) to achieve a beautiful you. Someone suggested a nose job for me... Yes I've always wanted one but not that much, it will hurt!

So true, from just the covers. I don't read magazine or follow celebs.
I am not mainstream, and have an inability to fit in. :P

 If you buy your ticket only you get a showbag.

Wished this was a t-shirt instead. One size really does fit all.
This is a mini dress on me. I hate this style tbh.

Flowers we like. 

Waxaway was doing free* brow waxing. Yeah no it's not free, it's a gift with purchase. But that was not on the sign and I thought they were just saying that because I'm American. Especially because I know some other girls who got it done for free. 

The sample products were given away from topless guys, who asked mother is she wanted a picture with them. They received a lecture on skin cancer and how their mothers would feel about them selling their bodies. O.o They were promo models, not hookers, but I suppose, idk. This is why she does not get invited anywhere - ever.

Yes I will have my nails done again even though I got them done yesterday. Though unfortunately we were too early and they were not open... How is that possible? The expo is open but you aren't?

We didn't stay for any seminars. 

Roses are always lovely.

Workshops there weren't many of but we did get to make a flower crown for $1! :)

 Love that feather tattoo! But it didn't taste more than two days with my constant hand washing.

Nice Colours.

I was just there was the freebies. :P Most interesting one we received was pink toilet paper. O.o Did you know you can get your face on it for your wedding? So you guests can wipe their ... with your face. XD 

They had fancy snacks, and a glass of leaves?

7/8 Chances of Winning. I do think all the triangles get you the same showbag.

There was an area with these fun inflatable things, all we're missing is a pool. I once had a dream this place was a pool actually and it was amazing. Some freebies. While Starshots and similar companies aren't a scam they're pretty close and are the hook or one, though you do get your product, but at a price that you may need to take out a loan. ;)

All the freebies! I bought nothing at the event. Did want a tangle teezer (with glitter) actually but they were busy and I had one coming in the mail already at the time. This is a rare event without that Plasticine/gummy candy stall.

Pictures that aren't mine that I like. Bottom left, that girl bought stuff as well as collected freebies. Was wotnot a freebie? Think that's the only one I missed.

Did you go to the expo? I am curious to see why other people went.

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