W10 - Cheese with Shakespeare @ Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week 10 - Starting Monday 22nd September

I haven't blogged for a while as I'm still under that marketing report. But I've made progress!

Yesterday we sent out 36+ emails to potential sponsors for entertainment for our event. So far we have a lady who runs laughter workshops (fun, but a bit scary to me) an amazing singer (accq of a friend) and today a magician (by night) and maybe a lady who does natural anti-cancer workshops (she was the one who did the DIY body products). 

Today we went to a Muso (the mso's 18-35yr olds club) pre-concert event, at Slopes Gallery, a talk with wine and cheese. While we didn't network we did talk to one stranger. And we were early! There was only 5-ish people there and it was great to get some pictures. Cool event space through we need to work on consistent lighting. 

Afterwards we took the tram back to town hall for a great concert 'Shakespeare Classics' featuring the romantics and Emma Matthews in a very pretty red dress. It's rare to see such lovely gowns. 

Our host tonight was Eddie Perfect, an odd choice. If anyone listens to classical music on the radio you'll notice the host tends to be grandpa/ma. Someone with a nice calm gentle grandparent like voice. Eddie looks very familiar, because I've seen him before, he's a comedian.  

  • Mendelssohn A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Overture and Nocturne
  • Berlioz Romeo and Juliet: orchestral excerpts
  • Weber Oberon: Overture
  • Gounod Faust: Jewel Song
  • Thomas Hamlet: Mad Scene 

In honour of a long-time patron the concert was dedicated to x and there were free drinks, that's a lot of drinks if you consider how many people fit into town hall. The concert was great (remind me again why we can't hire them for our wedding?) and so were the seats (by the aisle in the middle). 

Yarn Corner

Outside we were transported back to reality, quite depressing. I do often wished in another time and place where ladies wore beautiful gowns and gentlemen wore top hats and had manners. The people out late at night were the club/party goers in their tight mini dresses and sky high heels. Good taste is dead.

I know it's out of order, but some pictures I like more than others and those go first. Wednesday after class le beau met me for dinner, it was late and 'Purple Peanuts' was closed so we went for sushi instead, and I love salmon.   

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