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Tuesday 9th September

Tuesday shall be our exploration days. It started with a stroll across a French Bakery with the styling/design of a deli... Jane said it was average though so we didn't try it. Instead we went for a healthy snack, a hand roll at Midori's which was very popular during lunch.

Next we headed over to 'Nuts About Coffee' with Jane.

Miso Soup

Terriyaki Chicken Bento

Our next meeting was in Box Hill, which le beau and I had wanted to go to again. For lunch we got take-away from Irodori House. I had high expectation though sadly it was average. And I really didn't like the edema beans which I didn't touch as they were covered in pepper. We had the teriyaki salmon, generous servings with a nice fresh salad and Kewpie mayo, but the fish was not marinated enough.

Shopping! We bought chocolates for someone, and a huge 20 mini pack of Junior Mints for $4.50! They would have this at Costco but we don't have membership. The small pack of Junior Mint is only $1. 

Also bought this awesome skull jar! I think I shall fill it up with lucky origami stars. It was on a high shelf and we had to get a ladder - I don't want to die getting crushed by a skull, though it would be memorable. The jar is clear by the way.


I am not a morning person, today we had an early meeting and as a result I crashed before my evening class and totally missed it...

Won tickets to a horse racing event, and got tickets for a spring racing workshop (that reads like a seminar) right before it. On top of that this weekend we also have tickets for the beauty show and we're working at the Mexican Festival. Oh and there's tour going on, but with clashes it ain't going to happen. 

In class we had some basic maths and English tests which was fun, only got one Q wrong because I thought 'punitive' was related to puny and therefore a synonym for weak. Excelled at maths, though I was a maths tutor :P. 

Got our first presentation tomorrow, I think one of the people I chose to write about is wrong, as I thought she was a photographer but it turns out she's a painter. But she does take amazing pictures.

The library is open till midnight but the doors are sure as hell aren't! We came across 3 locked doors with no green button, and missed the bus. Once we were out (called security) it was out into the cold for a 40mins wait alone (one way door). Back to the city for another 25min wait. It took a little over two hours to get home.

Forgot to bring lunch today and I refuse to buy food at school because it's expensive tasteless crap. Today we had: a boost, a croissant, a friand, x2 blocks of chocolate and two slices of quiche (around 3am, whoops that was for tomorrow). I may not eat much but I sure am gaining a lot of weight!


A sick day. Ok I wasn't sick, I was exhausted still from yesterday. We finished the presentation and sent it, though it was never received because it's 21mb, and the limit is 20mb. Of course it didn't bounce back right away. 

When I'm asleep nothing can wake me, not even the mail man - and that always works. I'm very iffy about opening the gate lately through unless I he has a parcel in his hands, no one's getting through. 

You know how a long time ago women would gather on the porch, with lemonade in summer and talk about their days or stuff? I have a neighbour who likes to talk. And frankly I'm not interested, nor do I have time for this. She wanted me to invite her in for tea, not a chance. Le beau suggests this is why I have no female friends (not true, I have acquaintances) and people never confide in me. But really, do I want them to?

Mail came before I left - never a good thing. We received tickets for a race afternoon on Saturday. No idea what to wear, but good thing I have quite a few headpieces. Nothing too big that doesn't fit in a shoe box though. Not sure what to wear, as it's cold I'd say a coat. 

Also received a Westfield Giftcard, with no note or return address. So I'm not sure if I won it in a competition or was meant to buy and review something with it? I haven't received any emails or anything... 

Bought a huge chopping board! Fernando wants to know if this means we'll see me cooking "more". XD Yeah no I bought it as a background for pictures. 

We may have missed class and a very important presentation, but we made it was for the seminar. It was on events marketing with an emphasis on social media. In an hour and a half I have learnt more about it then I have in all the year of studying events (seminar ran by the city council, not skool). They prefer a more theoretical approach. But no one's going to test you on theory when you get a job! There was yummy chicken sandwiches. :)

Paint the Town Red

For dinner, we decided to explore St Kilda. First choice was a very popular Indian place, which I was iffy about because they did not have prices on their menu online. It was full almost and loud so we went to another place. 

Bay City Burritos.

I ordered the sampler basket which consisted of a small chicken burrito, a beef taco and corn chips with salsa ($17) and a Mandarin Soda ($4).

The fish taco was good, but nothing amazing. I prefer Fonda's. I may have accidentally ate some foil (this is very I'm very suspicious of gold foil in desserts) and decided to eat the fillings only, and use the wrap to contain it. I didn't like it, the flavours were too bland, black beans too soft. And the chicken tasted just like that kebab place, low quality. It tasted like I made it - not a compliment as I'm a two trick pony (omelet & cupcakes). This could be the worst burrito I've had, but at least it didn't fall apart. 


Today failed. Most likely like that presentation yesterday... but did go out to buy coconut water (it was on sale). We also went to a styling session. 

I don't really like shopping. Especially clothing. I much prefer to shop online and buy the one item is two sizes and return one. The last time I bought clothing in a shop was... well I don't remember that far back. Maybe a few years ago when we were buying winter coats?

Styling books I have a collection of and I always thought I was a pear shape as I have a huge... though today we saw a stylist and she says I'm an inverted triangle? Wasn't aware my shoulders were that wide...

We went to Jacqui E, where I may have bought an accessory once though never really ventured there. Tried on some dresses with pleats and v-necklines, I'm amazed how good it looks! Tempted to buy the dress? Maybe, it's on sale till Sunday. 


Chadstone’s Race Day Ready Workshop

Lunch at Shyun




Beautiful You Expo

Mexican Festival

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