W9 - Five Events @ Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monday 15th September

I love glitter... 

Productivity! We did a lot of errands, made some calls. Went to an event at 'The Body Shop' hosted by the ladies from 'Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily!' who introduced use to a skincare & make-up transition from winter to summer, as well as some other tips.

There was drinks, cupcakes, goodie bags and 20% everything. Perfect for buying xmas presents or another other presents ;) We bought one of those mesh shower balls in lilac, Lucy got to the last one and thought it was a toy... This one is amazingly soft.


Another day where the night before we passed out around 11pm (when the idea was a nap) and got up at 8am. With limited battery I was exhausted in the evening with 10% productivity. 

Kikki-K & Mail from Beauty Heaven & Le Beau

Beauty Heaven

Today we went to the dr (need to get some scans done), a meeting, walked around the courts in the rain, bought a cute pencil case (I love polka dots!) and did an interview with mr mob. And discovered I'm older than the college (it was 2 merging into 1) and unlike high school hasn't been around since the 1800s.

Back to the library, answered some emails, set up the report format. Read some articles. 

Hero's Summer Menu Tasting

Tonight's event is menu tasting at Hero Subs, everything was presented beautifully (except the wrap, but there's only so much you can do with a wrap really). Deep fried chicken we love! Tonight I bought an assistant with me, so glad I did, as the overhead lights went out early on, and the rest of evening we use my phone as the source of lighting. The staff were lovely, as was that deep fried chicken. I hope they'll have that one on their new summer menu.

Things we Sampled.

Cyprus Chili - Extremely excited lighting, the overhead lights went out.

Sonny-In-Law - Korean Fried Chicken
I want to buy this! Pretty sure it will on the summer menu. ;)

Def Jamz - Cranberry & Turkey

After that we went back to the library (my habitat) and well took a couple naps. Read more articles, but no progress was done on the project. :(

We arrived home after midnight, witnessed a boy being arrested. Today's mail is a candle from BlueSky, frangapani (a flower that grows only whee it's hot?) isn't something I've tried before. And the second parcel was from Beauty Heaven, we haven't opened it yet, but there's one of those tangle soap-shaped brushes in there, which we're excited about trying!  


So tired almost all the time... but we did go to all three classes, even though I fell asleep in the last one. With 6 in the class she knows your name. Went to the library where we crashed - again. Next time we're going straight home.

Midnight shopping as someone forgot to buy something I need tomorrow.   


Preparation for finial folios makes me wish I was more creativeCreativity I wish I had... 

Secured interview 3/3 for a project next week, and improvised my trip to interview no. 2 with mr bm, who was great, no theories, direct answers. Saw Hector but he was busy so we didn't get a chance to say hi. :(

Super Fresh Things from Fruit Palace

This tart is yummy but so $$. The nut slice from 'Nuts About Coffee' sells for $16/kg.

Pretty Things. Mexican Inspired? Bowl of Ducks. Pretty Plants.

Tonight's show was at a hotel near 'Nakid for Satan', 'Creeps' with Natalie Harris and Elizabeth Davie as part of the 'Fringe Festival' which we see every year. It was funny and we enjoyed it.

I like the deco style of the hotel, with its big gold ornate mirrors warm lighting and an old - but clean feel. Inspiration for my basement! Pictures coming in a few months, just waiting for jas to send it. Going to take a while.

After the show we had dinner at 'Nakid for Satan'. I love cheese!
A bit over tapas though, but we do want to have the $9 rooftop lunch. 


Closure. What is it? For me it's finding out who did it and why. It's Sherlock explaining the chain of events, or Brenda getting a confession from the killer. 

The day started with just that, unfortunately I didn't record it and soon forget almost everything he said, other than that bit where he admitted he does favour the boys.

But it was a dream. Will I ever get closure in a real life? Very unlikely. 

Productivity was at 5% today. Nothing was really achieved - but I didn't take a nap and killed two flies. Also started to work on the board. Was really looking forwards to 'Paul Culliver: Poltergeist' but someone got sick and we had forfit our tickets. :( 


Today we were going to go to a fun viewing of wedding dresses. It started at 12.40pm. Called jas who had the tickets and phone off. Called mr jas to look for the tickets. Called jas's friend who was with him, and passed the phone to him. Jas calls mr jas to get the tickets on his laptop, but the laptop doesn't work and of course he didn't have another copy. We demand he calls the venue to discuss it (no tickets no entry). He does that and says he'll send me the bank statement. 20 mins goes by I'm sitting by the phone - literally waiting for the message. It's 2.10pm, but the time we get there it will be over. At this point I just want to get there before dark. 2.16 the message did not get through. He has ruined my day, and dinner (which was near the expo). 

Story of why I am planning the wedding on my own (with le beau's assistance) and there will be no bridal party. At work I do not delegat unless you prove that you can do it on your own and you're reliable. Often I find myself doing everything but I don't trust anyone else. The except is Miss L - who I would hire if I needed a wedding planner. 

The afternoon was spent watching a ballet and musical. 
Swan Lake: Mariinsky Ballet & Westside Story

Love that detailing. Red & Black.

After dinner on the go we met up with le beau for a great night with Mozart. 

On the way I may have had fries at the station... I was eating them out of the bag (don't look at me funny, I'm accident prone and could have dropped them if I held just the pack - and no I didn't stick my head it in or anything strange) and an old woman requested a stop eating "could you not eat that?". No. It's not like I'm drinking or smoking at the station. And it smells nothing like dumplings or smelly asian food (which I hate). What is her problem?! Should mention there was lots of old people around all going to the same place. (Into the ground XD.)

Moving on the concert was great! After we met one of the performers who le beau was friends with. Mozart is magical - even if I did take a few short naps, and had a headache. 

  • Mozart Favourites
  • Mozart Serenade No.10 for winds Gran Partita
  • Mozart Clarinet Concerto
  • Mozart Symphony No.34 

Meanwhile I bought mother tickets to a concert which she gave away. Not cool! When I give you something it is for you and you alone. Don't want it? Give it back. But don't you dare regift it! Unless it's chocolate or something mundane, a thoughtless gift

Took this amazing picture with my phone, this is the best night picture I have ever taken!

After the concert it wasn't cold outside (I am much colder in here) so we went for a stroll. I tried out a camera app and got the best night pictures I have ever taken. As le beau carried my bag I completely forgot I had bought my camera along. We went for a walk by the river in the mooncitylights. Went past a busker, an middle aged asian guy who I think is very brave - he has the accent and is a horrible singer! As bad as me, and yet he goes on. Le beau offered to sing a song correctly 'Sway' and got a few coins there. :P Onwards we crossed the bridge, our lock is definitely gone, in the river I hope rather than stolen. Le beau at this point decided to serenade to me O.O which has never happened before. 

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