A Week of Testing @ Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday 20th October

Skin testing, the marker felt like getting needle pricks, many of them! But they do have great wifi there. Other than that we didn't get up to much today - or this week to think of it. 


Today kinda failed, no work has been done since last Wednesday! But we did visit the sauna aka library, no the windows don't open this high up, and we never open the balcony doors. Picked up tickets for a movie tomorrow (not for me) and got bubble cup, which was ok. Not really into it. They were out of all the pearls (boba?) I like, and the coconut milk tea was ok. Surprisingly the jumbo size was $5. 

Tonight's event is "VOLUME 7" by The Vanguard Ensemble featuring Joe Chindamo and Zoe Black, which to me had a Halloween theme. It was really bright in there! But we did enjoy the performance :) 

I did recognize one of the musicians, who plays violin viola with the mso. From a picture on outside the Astor Theatre taken a couple weeks ago. Which is pretty amazing because my recognition skills are really bad and I only notice people if there's something different about them or they have a unique look which may or may not be style. No pictures because my phone is inadequate for pictures and I didn't bring the camera. 

Not sure how marketing is going for the group that seems to perform annual, as finding the website was hard, normally linked to the fb event that wasn't the case. On the website I would add a contact us tab and social media links. 

Jas ruined Junior Mints for me saying it tastes like toothpaste, well it didn't till you mentioned it...

Dinner at Binh Minh purely because we didn't want fast food and they were the only place open late on a Tuesday night. Big mistake, it may look like an eatery but is as loud as a nightclub! This is the first time I've had to use my ear plugs during dinner! Service was average. Jas tipped. I didn't comment to management on the noise because we're training jas to be assertive. As I'm aggressive and scary enough for the both of us. :P We both had beef pho which was good, cheap and average. When after pho go to a pho eatery, not one that only has two types on their menu. 

There is something wrong when you go to a concert and don't need earplugs, and yet at dinner you do.


More testing. Conveniently near that ice cream place we love.

We has time to go shopping and snacking.

Myer has an entire level devoted to Christmas! It is still undecided whether I like xmas or not...


Tonight we went to a 'Muso x Dumbo Feather' Event. 

Mr psych would be pleased with my self-reflection as that never goes well on paper when I'm being marked on it. :P No one knows this because I'm kinda well ashamed, well that isn't the right word, it's not that intense, but it's a negative word, awks but a tiny bit more. But I epicly failed at music, I did play for years but have almost no memory of it, or just snapshots. But I am certain I did not like it. I couldn't read the music, remember which string/key was while but my biggest issue was keeping in time. It just didn't/does't happen (much like my cooking), I just can't get the tempo right. For me music is just as hard if not harder than learning say, French. And I do want to speak French. Maybe a bit closer to Arabic though.

I do like music, just not as a performer. I started going to school musicals when I was little - the sames ones that I was excluded from, actively discluded by the way, the music teacher found me a difficult child. I have only ever been apart of one musical because my classroom teacher (also known as Sarah's mom, who knew me since I was 4) insisted to the music teacher I be involved because it was the last year of middle school. Class plays we did two, Shakesphere one, and many scary monologues in drama. I do think that I don't actually like performing. And yet I still want to be in Hairspray (not as a main character).

Le beau sugguests all this stems from me being excluded from music classes as a child. Though out of class we had extra classes in both piano and violin. Which both ultimately failed due to my non-exsistent passion and dedication. We still have both, one because it looks good in the library, and the other is a prop for photoshoots (back when I went through that phase).

One day we shall give music another try. Cooking, maybe not till I have my own kitchen.  


Today was a long day 8am-8pm. Pink Ribbon Day, the last skin test and we got lost. 150 things tested and I'm allergic to only one, kinda disappointed really, as I wanted a list. The thing I'm allergic to is mainly in sunscreen as assumed. And it's triggered by sun exposure.


As I was about to sign up for an event I realized that I don't have to do every event I see, as I've finished my hours. Most events I do don't add to your experience as after a couple of each type/role there's nothing new to learn. And after three years of giving everything a go we shall focus on internships though still be involved in events I support (mainly MS, Cancer and RSPCA).

Quality over quality, also going to apply that to our food adventures. 
To try a new place and blog about it every two weeks.

Throughout this week McD had a pop-up shop at Fed Sq, and they were giving away free steak/rump wraps. It first started out as a lunch box for two days, a mysterious lunch box without any words on it. We didn't get the chance to stop by but did try the wrap later on.

On the weekend Andy hosted a birthday lunch for his friend. The cake was nice with so many different layers though not really worth $55, better to buy tubes. Also all those amazing pimped-up ones on instagram would cost $75+. 

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