Greek at Grazi @ Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yesterday (in the timeline of posts) we had the Soft Shell Crab Souvlaki $12 from Gazi at the 'Taste of Melbourne' and it was delicious! Tonight's event didn't work out, so we had a plan B (formulated on the way to Plan A). It was a dark, cold & rainy night, and so I didn't get a picture of the outside of Gazi. - Added later on.

Gazi is in the building with the Herald Sun logo on top.

Inside it was warmer and a bit loud with noise of people chatting (about the food?) excitedly, but we were at a bar/restaurant on a Saturday night. I don't think I've actually sat at the bar when there wasn't an event happening at the venue, so this was a first. 

At the Taste event we received vouchers for free Espressotinis and that's how they got us through the door. The crab souvlaki was yummy and a good size for the price and so we were looking forwards to trying some other flavours. 

Terracotta pots hung from the ceiling and who those with bookings there were booths.

The Espressotini ($6). It burns! It's just me though, jas enjoyed it though didn't want a second round. It smells creamy and like tiramisi which was nice. I'm not really into alcohol as a lot of it burns on various levels for me. 

I think it's pretty safe to be under these pots, I wonder if they serve desserts in them....

Seated at the bar we had a good view of the selections of drinks available. 

I do find light coverings/fitting interesting.

 I had the beef souvlaki with french fries (McD style but with different seasoning), parsley, onion and mustard mayo. $10. The beef was cooked in the same style as ragu, but even though I don't like ragu I did like the braised beef in this dish. I'd get it again and recommend it.

Meanwhile jas had the duck with chips, parsley, onion, pear (that's a surprize) and mustard mayo $12 which he said was nice but the duck was cooked wrong and not so great.

Being a Saturday night and at a bar it was noisy with people though wasn't that loud, though you do have to yell a little to be heard. The waitress was relatively prompt though not enough to get a tip from jas. Me? I only tip when delighted, and that is a challenge as I'm very hard to please. 

We shall be back! I'd like to try the chicken souvlaki, these are bigger than at Jimmy Grants (Emporioum) for comparison.

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Do you like Greek food? Where's your favourite Greek place? 

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