Hero Sub's Birthday Party Mashup @ Saturday, November 08, 2014

Sunday we went to Hero Sub's 1st Birthday party at a warehouse. Thing about hiring a not-normally a function space is you need to BYO everything including portaloos... which are scary!

In collaboration with Sneaker Freaker which you may have guessed sells shoes, Hero Subs celebrated their first birthday, with a Brooklyn styled party with basketball and beer pong. 

Watermelon Jelly was served. Amazing as those watermelons were huge!

 I felt bad about playing basketball in a white suit so gave it a miss.

There was also what started out as table tennis that soon turned into beer pong. 

To my delight other than beer and soda there was milkshakes! I've attempted to order them at bars before and the closest we've gotten is a hot chocolate with a scoop or two of ice cream. Burgers, fries and milkshakes I love. We had the red velvet and PB - not together. They were very yummy!  

Observing the official photographer in action. Wished we learnt things like that in class. 

One of the features was a live art thing, it was very bright and vibrant but also smelt very toxic! As the painters were wearing gas masks, it was pretty bad. 

I didn't eat this one. 

Fried chicken & kim chi was great! Looking forwards to buying this one full-sized 
and hopefully as a slider too? This and the milkshakes were the highlight of the event.

I do believed we tried almost all the slides that night. Including top right the classic cheeseburger complete with plastic cheese, something we haven't had for years. 

While we did enjoy it I do feel as though it wasn't my scene, which invoves a strings quartet and cheese. The music was loud and at points you could feel it. It did have an Americian feel to it with beer pong, people showering themselves with beer (yes I saw that) and street-styled basketball. There were sliders (cute mini burgers), I love the fried chicken one! 

Goodie boxes matched the theme (I love it when everything goes with the theme!) and came with a magazine, vouchers, stickers and a doughnut! Complete with custard filling.

Thanks for the Invite! :)

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