First Week of December @ Friday, December 12, 2014

Monday 1st December

Today we ran a couple hours late, so crazy tired... what did we do this weekend? It seems like a distant memory. I didn't say I was 5mins away though, I said I was an hour or two away. 

The tree is up! As we have no room for a tree, I made a tree in the wall instead! With mainly washi tape, a pompom garland and a santa. The tape is surprisingly strong. About the lighting - there is no natural lighting in this room, they're blocked by all the bookshelves.

Christmas shopping, all done. This year the family (le beau & co) is just doing a secret santa so we each buy for only one person. Though I do also have three secret santas from other things I'm involved in. :P All bought, just need to be weighed (for postage), wrapped in bubble wrap (some) and then wrapped.

How early do you have to get to the shops to get gingerbread? Before noon it seems. 

Today's adventure was a visit to the new Chokolait at the Emporium, it's known for the amazing pavlova now $13 a slice, and the unfriendly old man, the owner, Ross. 

A visit to the dentist followed, just a check-up. Then to Myer for an eyeliner, Review for a belt and to Daiso for 350+ pieces of origami paper. One pack has 60 sheets, others had 30/32, still a great price! We didn't get the 10 sheet packs. I don't have a picture of the paper but I did get a picture of jump rings perfect for crafting.

Edit - I found it, the picture was in a different folder.  

We like to dance the night away, and tonight we did just that. I've missed dancing, as we took a break to take night classes. Some dances came back faster than others. There's a lot of new people and old people who left.

Melbourne Central had a photo competition and I won O.O a $250 giftcard! Which is amazing, I've never won a giftcard of that value before (though have won 2x $100). For those who don't know I enter a lot of competition, mainly for tickets to events. 

I'd love to do a decorate your tree for $28 challenge. :P


Today we had work, directions and general assistance with a conference with lots of Americans. Everyone was nice, we went exploring at RMIT, they have nice cafes with great service (at our cafe they act like you're bothering them, and they speak minimal English). There's also a balcony - and you can go sit out there! There's green plants and nice spaces. We have a balcony but you can't see over the wall, and it's restricted to phd students. It's more of the smoking zone. 

Lunch we had a salad *regret* I am not a salad person. And then afterwards we kinda tried Schnitz, too salty and oily.

How cool is this statue? We got a great view from rmit, but not a great picture. 

Bought a beautiful gold leaf Greek headpiece. I like it but don't love it (initially really liked it) and so I'm returning it. Also it's a little uncomfortable.

Off to a meeting, and home where we crashed and miss dancing. :( 


Today failed, but we did leave the house and go to the city, for a tiny bit of shopping and an event, the 'Flavour Exchange'. We had mediocre pizza, pies, chocolate and iced chocolate. All in bite/sample sizes.

Drinks from Daiso, the grape drink jas didn't like, and the other one is canned light apple juice.


Another day that didn't go so well. We were off to class and made it this time. We made a delicious mushroom sauce that I'd make again and porterhouse steak, which was chewy and I wouldn't make again. We even sneaked a picture. :P And that's why the picture isn't high quality.

Afterwards we were back to the city for a play at 45 Downstairs, the place that has stairs leading to the basement with fairy lights. The place that does plays that confuse me as to 1. how many characters there are 2. who's who. When I'm on stage when I change characters I change props. While the play tonight was, different, I didn't really understand it. Jas got it a bit more than me and has heard of it. 

I wonder what happened to the mailman, there was no mail this week... 

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