Ikea, Skewers & Lentils @ Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tuesday 9th December

Dinner at IKEA (Richmond)'s Swedish Julbord Event

I Love Gingerbread! 


A third day that was lost, but we did go dancing. There is definitely something going on with the mail, got an info pack that referred to a meeting last week which I didn't know about. So this was posted at least two Mondays ago. Called the post office, nope there isn't a back log, we just haven't been getting much mail.

Here's what I've been up to, finally working on crafty projects.


Today didn't go so well, waiting for someone to meet up wasted half my day. The other part went better, rope basket painting. My creativity is questionable. The aim was an amazing aurora of colours that looks like the northern nights. Instead I created a plague sore and then covered it up.

Afterwards we went to an eatery in Richmond, on Swan Street where you could see the trains pass by. Mezzett Restaurant Bar. All the reviews on places we ate at are coming up soon, like this week soon. 


Picture not taken in class.

In class we made a feta & mint salad, and spaghetti and meatballs. It was nice, but le beau makes better meatballs. :P First time I ate this I thought it was fake meat and tinned spaghetti, second wasn't as bad. But we did have fun. Next time we're doing a roast and I'm bringing cranberry jelly/sauce.

Had dinner with le beau, who bought drinks!

I love Starbucks, Christmas Edition! He also got the ring cleaned. 


Today started with a recital, one where I took mini naps throughout the six performances... afterwards we stopped by Starbucks (yay!) the Gingerbread Frappacino (No Coffee) in XL: $8 was delicious!

No decent pictures were taken, with one hand. I've had the sugar cookie (cold) and gingerbread (hot & cold) so far only peppermint to go, hope it doesn't taste like toothpaste. Both the ones I tried were great, I think I like them equally but I'd have to try them all at the same time to pick a favourite.

We just added these to my to bake list. The only problem is no one eats things I bake, well le beau & Adrian do, but we don't live together or see each other much. That and all the Christmas parties (that I missed) were already catered, though we do have one bring-a-plate event this week. But I already ordered a cake, whoops, this was before I planned to go to the party.

Back to the piano, how cool is this? My first piano.

Last week's lunch with Andy. He's open to trying to make this for me.  

Afterwards we went to dinner at Lentils in Footscray, after getting lost - don't take shortcuts! It was like on the main street. It was nice, an entree. But nothing I really liked, because, well I love meat, but I do love pumpkin too. 

After dinner movie on my own as everyone bailed. Tickets for four, only needed one. We went to see Frozen at Ben & Jerry's Open Air Cinema on the Beach in St Kilda near Luna Park. I was the only person going solo, it was mostly families. Le beau turned up at the end (he wasn't going to go, only came because he didn't want me to be alone) after his awards night event, and we went for ice cream. :)

If I go again (next year) I'd bring a picnic. Also we got a bad spot near the bins loaded with pizza boxes... The movie started at 9pm, though doors opened at 6.30pm.

Have you been to the open air cinema?   

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