Winter Wedding Inspiration @ Monday, December 29, 2014

We haven't progressed much on wedding planning as it all stems from a theme, from there the next step is a venue and catering follows. I just have so many ideas I don't know what to do, and there's the what I like vs what suits me. Some of our theme ideas are: 
  • Tudors/English Historical (era undefined atm) that would be a day wedding
  • Getting married at sunset with our phantom of the opera theme, but with no phantom
  • Midnight Halloween wedding, could go with the POTO theme still
  • Outdoor night wedding, in an amazing garden, dancing under the stars
  • An Edwardian lunch with the them of lavender, Tiffany blue and gold at a park, or mansion with a pool, the water feature here is a must
  • A winter wedding that will cost as much as a peak season wedding, due to the elaborate decorations and all. I shall be the Snow Queen. We will dress in black & white, and I might wear a blue dress that lights up with fairy lights or something
Here's some very inspiring pictures for a winter wedding set on stage, a very big stage.  

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